iCheckMovies vNext feedback


Work in progress:


I’m not sure what we’re supposed to be looking at there, but I don’t like the icons overlapping the two backgrounds.


Yeah, sorry. I just wanted to show you guys I’m translating the new design to HTML. Maybe I should’ve mentioned that :wink:


Ah, I see. Good news. In that case it looks like a good start.


when using the form at https://beta.icheckmovies.com/import/movies/ to add titles to the database, I click (check) the box to the left of “Check movie(s) after adding”, the title is added to the iCM database but I still have to check the movie (as seen) manually - in other words, the “Check movie(s) after adding” is inoperable.


It’d be nice to see if a movie was on an unofficial list that you are “watching”.


What about a “you might also like” feature?

It could use favorites, and show “people who favorited this movie also favorited these other 5 movies.” But if it is just the top 5 by count, it might always be the overall top 5 of Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, etc. If so, it might be more interesting to show “people who favorited this movie were more likely than average to favorite these other 5 movies.”

Or it could use lists, and show “this movie shares the most lists with these other 5 movies.”

“Neighbor movies,” almost.


A couple things I have noticed recently on the new format:

Where can I see when I checked a movie?

Spoiler tags still don’t work.

When you search for a movie, the results in the dropdown are black on a dark gray background. Can only read them when you highlight each result.


The grey check-button turns blue.


Let me clarify: How do I see the date I checked a movie on the new format?


I think at the moment it is not possible, but it will be there when the design is done.


I think this is what you looking for:


Yes, but it doesn’t show up on the movie page itself.


Not yet, but it will soon :wink:


Sometimes it’s nice to do something else for a change, so I’ve been tinkering with the default movie poster. Let me know what you think of this:

And here it is on a (new) movie page:


Looks nice!


Looks great indeed. It slightly bothers me though that the kitchen sink drain is off-center to the left.


:joy: :joy:


looks good! also, please fix the “request poster update”. Even with posters in Cinematerial some movies don’t update their cover (ex: war machine/king arthur: legend of the sword). thanks!


Sneak peeks of the new movie page:


Activity & Friends: