iCM Projects themes on QuizUp


In a quiz app for smart-phones named QuizUp, members are able to create their own themes about various subjects. The community seems to have created already a lot of movie themes (classic movies, named the director, Festival de Cannes, Who’s the star, etc.), the idea would be to create an iCM quiz-theme to promote iCM and its official lists through the app.

Even with a theme like “classic movies”, this is basic quizzes with the same popular view – no place for obscure stuff.

It’s also another way to challenge members of iCM community.

We can imagine two different theme quiz to begin:

  • A 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Quiz (or iCM Top 1000)
  • A iCM Forum’s 500<400 Quiz

I’m not part of it. Just want to answer a fun quiz. You want to have fun for your part? Ask for one or two quizzes! You want to be part of an iCM community redacting fun questions for various theme quizzes? Be my hero!..

Would be an attractive window for iCM site.

Any ideas?


This sounds like a fun idea.


It would be easier with a shared Google doc about for instance the iCM 500<400 list. For each film, members might propose a question, and the more you have participants the faster you will finish something about 500 questions, one for each film, and more if necessary.

Questions might concern the director, the main actor, the country, the year, the prize, etc. Something easy as the theme is quite difficult. But concerning another theme like the 1001 films, mostly about big classics, harder questions are better.

Questions need to be short, (first) in English, with an image, screen shots are not allowed as far as I know, but images are welcomed if in public domain (personality, clues).

If someone know how to create a Google doc, to manage the shared options, know the quiz, and can write English better than I do, he’s welcomed to take the lead.

(I found some other quizzes in the app about movies, some with a very amount of questions – some dozens --, some about silent movies, classic actresses, bollywood. But it lacks one or two big obscure and/or classic quizzes. iCM might be a perfect quiz provider for this, to its greatest credit.)


A Shared Google Drive folder would be best, titled something like “ICM QuizUp,” perhaps owned by a registered ICM gmail account. A separate sub-folder should be used for each film/quiz. Franchise films should be kept as a single folder. Each folder would contain a doc or sheet, and images.

One format (document or spreadsheet) should be used consistently; I can envision either as functional:
– A doc would list questions, possible answers, the correct answer, and a link to the associated image. Paragraph headers could be created for question categories.
– A sheet could consist of columns for question, correct answer, wrong answers, and image link. Rows could be separated into categories (director, actors/characters, story, location, etc.).

There are already so much duplicated content on QuizUp. To avoid duplicate ICM iterations of content, one or more designated parties should be designated to submit content to QuizUp. These designees would use each folder to submit quizzes to QuizUp. Once submission has been made, a link to the topic (or some indication of created topic) should be posted to the top of the document or spreadsheet.

Those are my thoughts, take them or leave them.