Icm says film is on an official list - but shows none

On this page Ilo Ilo (2013) - iCheckMovies.com it says the film is on one official list - but doesn’t say which one. Or, maybe it was on an official list in the past, but isn’t anymore, and icm doesn’t update the info? Whatever it is, it looks like a small bug.

Thanks for the alert. It appears it was on BIFF's Asian Cinema 100 - iCheckMovies.com before the list was updated. There are a couple of others that also have this error. I don’t know what’s causing it since other films updated from other lists don’t have this issue, and other films from this update that aren’t on 0 lists don’t have this issue. I’ll forward this on.

Rondo (1966) seems to have the same problem. It shows it is on one list but its page shows no list.

Rondo was recently on the ICM Most Favorited list, so it could be that the system hasn’t recalculated yet. This film is one of a few that keep bouncing in and out of the bottom of the list, so it often out of sync for a few days until the lists stats are recalculated.

I appreciate you figuring out where it came from, because I was confused about which list it would have been part of. It really should clear right away, though.

No problem. I remember it bouncing in and out of that list a few years ago, and so I double checked the official list update messages and saw it was in the second last one from a few days ago.

I’ve always noticed a delay when a film is added/removed from a list. I don’t know how long it takes, but it’s at least a day or two before the number of lists it is on is accurately reflected. Though in this case it does seem like it should have happened sooner.

The same bug happens with The Search (1948) - iCheckMovies.com.

Hmm, that fell off the 1940s list ten days ago; it should have cleared by now.

Taiyô no ôji: Horusu no daibôken (1968) - iCheckMovies.com is showing that it’s on an official list, but not which one.

I understand that there’s a delay, so I guess I’m just informing you that it still exists.

Thanks Kublai. This issue popped up earlier this year (unrelated to the BIFF list one), and we’ve yet to be able to find the cause. Any film that turned unofficial since about April still erroneously displays as being on 1 official list. All other tallies display correctly. Marijn’s aware, but there’s no ETA on when this can be fixed.

Cheers :beers:

knew I’d seen this issue recently and it wasn’t BIFF related – this is from my Netflix watchlist

Screenshot 2022-11-21 141429


The Old Guard was on the imdb 2020s list.

This bug affects ALL films that turned unofficial since around April of this year. It doesn’t matter which list it was on.

The bug has been fixed :slight_smile:

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