I'm still listed as Oscar nominee

On my profile I’m listed as an Oscar winner but on the charts I’m still an Oscar nominee. Canyou update? Ithas been awhile.

The tag in the charts hasn’t updated in a long time. Not sure if @Marijn can run a batch update or if it’s not going to be updated anymore.

As you note, the profile label is still up to date

I don’t know if it could be usefull for debugging processus but i come back from the Dark Side just to be sure to have the maximums chances of getting my Walk of Fame Tag.

If i count well, the threashold should be around 16111 : i’m already @16613 and both tag & profile aren’t updated yet.

Could be several more days : we’ll see what happens.

Same thing happens to me, any luck on your behalf?

So far no. I also didn’t receive the last award I should’ve received!

Which award is that, Milena?

I didn’t receive a bronze award for BFI top 100 coat films. I’ve completed 70% so I should have one. Thanks

Ah, I think that’s a known bug Marijn hasn’t been able to figure out yet: When lists are newly adopted, the awards don’t always generate, but if you check a new film on the list (or check and uncheck/uncheck and check), then the award will be granted almost instantly. So that’s the workaround solution until the root cause of the bug can be identified.