IMDb's 2020s Top 50

So… when are we gonna get the IMDb’s 2020s Top 50 list? Kinda look forward to it haha

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The real issue is what Avatar is gonna be selected.

I still say we should now, that the decade is over, get to vote and pick the avatar for the 2010s.

Otherwise the 2020s avatar is just gonna be the biggest movie of 2020 and not the most cultural significant of the 2020s.

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I think it’s too early to add it. Maybe at the end of this year? Maybe sometime in 2021?

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Sounds coool

I’d like to see this early, like by mid-2020. I love to watch how new movies jump up in the list and others sink down.

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There won’t be enough movies that qualify before the end of the year, unfortunately. Even if we lowered the check threshold. And now with Covid-19 who knows, but when there are enough movies to make a list we will.


Just out of curiosity: Why wouldn’t be there enough movies that qualify if the check threshold is lowered? I just had a look a the top 50 movies of the 1910s and saw that the bottom film in terms of checks (Zhizn za zhizn, 1916) has a total of 101 checks. So it COULD be done, I guess.

What is the current check threshold?

(Of course I see your point that the check count would be VERY low.)

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The current threshold for the most popular list subjects (recent years, big genres) is 1500 checks, for the others it’s 400 checks (except 1910s and mini-series).

If you lower it low enough sure, but it would have to be really low. I don’t recall the exact number, but in October last year I checked and the 50th most checked movie of 2019 had well below 1000 checks. With awards season pushing the most likely to be high rated movies to the last 3 months of the year, and those movies often not being widely available until some months later, it takes a while for movies that aren’t the biggest blockbusters to reach the threshold.

Hell, even ignoring the ICM check threshold, even if it was just the highest rated movies on imdb with 5000 imdb votes, the 2019 list right now (3 months after the end of the year) has the 50th movie at 7.5 and many of those are films released in Nov/Dec, so the equivalent list done in Oct would be much worse. I’d be ok with a list where the 50th movie has a 7. something, one where it goes into the 6.- is too soon.


Is anybody already keeping a list that will at some point in the future become THE imdb 2020s list?

I’d just like to follow the highest rated movies and watch how they are overtaken by newer ones slowly.

This one probably comes close:

You can use this thyron:,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=movie&release_date=2020,2029

It’s the same imdb filter as the 2010s list (with the same check and vote thresholds), just changed to the years 2020-2029. As soon as Soul hits 1500 checks (it’s at 1043 now) it will jump to the top of the list, and is probably a good candidate for a film that will stay on the list for the entire decade. The other three that currently meet both threshold (Onward, The Invisible Man, and Birds of Prey) have much lower ratings, and will be pushed off the list once enough films cross the thresholds.

You can also look at this list for the films from the decade with the most checks:

And actually, looking at that list, Tenet, Borat 2, and Enola Holmes already meet both thresholds, so they should be in the list already, and I’m Thinking of Ending Things (1477) and The Old Guard (1471) will soon cross the check barrier. Sonic the Hedgehog and Palm Springs are then next two in the 1300s, to round out the current top ten most checked films of the decade (and all of them already meet the imdb vote threshold). So you could start with those :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the list that will eventually become official. I have to update the source filter which I’ll do in a couple of days which should add a number of films. Covid has really hurt this though, I don’t see a viable list coming for a while.

A better temporary sneak peek would be this one with a lower check threshold:,&sort=user_rating,desc&title_type=movie&release_date=2020,2029
Eventually this version will not be as solid as the one with the higher threshold, but while everything is in flux it’s a decent glimpse.

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Wonderful, thank you guys very much.

This is what the 2020s list would look like if we lower the check threshold to 200:

Top 50

Hamilton (1347 checks)
Wolfwalkers (222 checks)
Soul (1239 checks)
Druk (399 checks)
The Trial of the Chicago 7 (1259 checks)
Tenet (2830 checks)
Palm Springs (1368 checks)
Never Rarely Sometimes Always (386 checks)
Onward (2107 checks)
Mank (898 checks)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (278 checks)
The King of Staten Island (580 checks)
The Devil All the Time (1018 checks)
The Invisible Man (2052 checks)
Greyhound (575 checks)
Monster Problems (215 checks)
The Half of It (589 checks)
The Call of the Wild (390 checks)
Escape from Pretoria (268 checks)
Emma. (712 checks)
Extraction (1277 checks)
Run (220 checks)
The Way Back (414 checks)
Happiest Season (483 checks)
Hillbilly Elegy (262 checks)
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (1894 checks)
I’m Thinking of Ending Things (1486 checks)
Enola Holmes (1573 checks)
The Old Guard (1472 checks)
Bad Boys for Life (1284 checks)
Host (282 checks)
Da 5 Bloods (979 checks)
On the Rocks (445 checks)
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (1317 checks)
His House (390 checks)
The Hunt (850 checks)
Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (226 checks)
Possessor (297 checks)
All the Bright Places (327 checks)
Sonic the Hedgehog (1381 checks)
Kajillionaire (208 checks)
Greenland (305 checks)
The Willoughbys (338 checks)
Freaky (248 checks)
My Spy (233 checks)
Spenser Confidential (686 checks)
Shirley (303 checks)
#Saraitda (369 checks)
Holidate (570 checks)
The Lovebirds (506 checks)

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@PeacefulAnarchy, can you update that list on IMDb some time? It’s been a while.

It’s only been a month, but sure, I updated them both.

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