Import from criticker

Cheers everyone,

After a few successful tries and prompt help from moderator joachimt, I managed to successfully import my criticker ratings to icm using the following process:

1 - Export criticker ratings in CSV format
2 - Convert the CSV file to the format generated by IMDb Export (sample lines below, not every column value is needed for every line).
3 - Import using IMDB import tool in ICM, making sure you do not change the default values of the dislike/favorite options.

Have fun, and enjoy ICM and movies,

Sample lines of converted csv file:
Const,Your Rating,Date Rated,Title,URL,Title Type,IMDb Rating,Runtime (mins), Year,Genres,Num Votes,Release Date,Directors,
tt0356721,10,2020-01-08,I Heart Huckabees,,movie,7,60,2004,,,,,
tt0482571,10,2020-01-08,The Prestige,,movie,7,60,2006,,,,,

I’d like to add that we recommend to use a real exportfile from IMDb. We had some troubles before with self-generated csv’s. pmpfe actually used such a flawed file at first, after using a script he found on Github. That script creates a csv which is read wrongly by the importer, which results in creating new movie-pages for all the imported checks. For some people, that means thousands of pages that need to be removed.

That said, I can confirm that pmpfe successfully imported his csv as described above, although it’s not the preferred way.

We celebrated too soon, @pmpfe. Your import forced moviepages on iCM to update the IMDb-info according to your csv. I see in your example that you put a runtime of 60 min for those movies, although that’s not the right runtime. A lot of the movies you checked now have a runtime of 60 min on iCM. Not all though, but that’s probably because the runtime has already been overwritten by another user who imported a real IMDb-export csv.

So to use your csv, it’s best to extract the right info from IMDb as well. That’s a bit more work: create a list on IMDb with your rated movies, export that, merge it into your csv.

I understand you used this method, because you told me you don’t have your ratings on IMDb, so it was either this or check everything manually. Logical choice of you to choose this method, so I don’t blame you, but I hope others won’t follow you, because it would cause mods a lot of work.