Import issue

It’s been a long time since I’ve imported my IMDb ratings list. I’ve just been doing it manually, one film at a time. So, I decided to run it officially from a new ratings.csv file. When I did this, I suddenly lost approximately 60 iCM checks. I used the import option of “Keep Existing Data”. Just to see what would happen, I imported again using the “Remove Existing Data” option. Same result.

I have used the import function in the past, without losing any existing checks, so I know it works.

What went wrong this time?

If you had remove existing checks then likely you had checks that weren’t on imdb. If you had keep existing data I don’t know, no error or problem should cause you to lose checks that way, other than the setting itself not working. The only thing I could guess is that maybe your check count was wrong and importing fixed it?

I imagine you don’t have an example of a film that became unchecked?

I went ahead and manually caught myself up on iCM by exporting and sorting the IMDb ratings list and the Icheckmovies list. I’m obsessive that way. The exports have the exact same number of lines, but somehow, I ended up with one more Ichceck check than the IMDb list. I can live with that.

I could list any number of films that were unchecked (The Third Man, Encore [1952], films on Official Lists, not on Official Lists). There didn’t seem to be any logic to it, and they weren’t duplicate entries.

Anyway, I fixed my lists. Not sure if there’s anything further to do, short of running the import again. Which I’m naturally reluctant to do.

Thanks for giving it some thought.

If you give me the files I can maybe check what the discrepancy is.

Are you saying those films were in the imdb list but still got unchecked? If so then that sounds like a parsing error on the imdb list (though it still shouldn’t have unchecked them without the setting). I know there used to be one on a couple of movies with " in the title because of how imdb made their non standard CSVs, but I think imdb fixed that issue several years ago. If this is the case I’d be curious to take a look at the csv.