Incorrect Poster

There’s already a topics for duplicates and imdb info update, but here’s another similiar issue

noticed this while going through Bunta Sugawaras filmography on ICM

the poster belongs to a different movie

the error comes from here, but as a result also ends up on ICM

here’s a correct poster, to satisfy those of us who OCD’s on misinformation!

Posters are fetched automatically, so you have to correct it on cinematerial. There should be an option somewhere to report an incorrect poster.

I guess the add poster feature is down now (since my initial post)? (just attempted to update something else that didn’t work either)

It’s been corrected at cinematerial atleast, but can’t add other posters either

Is it not there in the beta? Post the poster that needs updating here and I, or another mod, can try. I definitely have an option to update a poster, but I don’t know if it works without something to try it on.

both of these doesn’t work to update, so the problem seem to be if an incorrect poster have been stored already (the thumbnail has been updated though on the first one)

this one worked now

Jingi naki tatakai looks ok on the page to me, it’s the same poster as the thumbnail.

I put in an update on succubare so we’ll see if that works.

seems i had some cache issue atleast regarding Jingi naki tatakai, clearing that made the trick

regarding succubare, there’s only one uploaded poster

but if you go to the overview - it seems to be the origin of the error