Instawards are Broken

Potentially related issue: Awards Count Inaccurate

I was gathering my stats today (I maintain an offline spreadsheet), and noticed that I should have 60 awards. Some checks over past few days should have earned me a bronze award for “History” (sitting at 25/50) and “BBC’s 100 greatest films of the 21st Century” (sitting at 51/102).

My Progress Page:

On the Awards page, these new awards are not listed, and the awards count is still off (issue linked above):

Nor are these awards showing in the profile:

There is a bug somewhere on iCM that means that certain lists require 50% checked plus one. So if you’re at 51/102 and don’t have an award that’s probably the reason (in other words, known bug). If you get to 52/102 and still don’t have an award there’s a new issue.

Wow, thanks for your extensive report :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right, the queue for the instawards got stuck. I’ve just unstuck it and they should be processed as we speak.

Heh. I work with people in software development. :rofl:

Thanks for kicking the tires on that! Both rewards came through.

see this

I hope they fix it asap.

I’ve just pushed a fix. Your account should now be correct.

thanks a lot Marjin

The Instawards need to be nudged again… I know multiple people with this issue. Could you kick the tires again?

Just kicked the tires. They should pop up soon

Everything came through. Thanks much!