List Suggestions


Screening Boredom: The History and Aesthetics of Slow Cinema
One of the most interesting film lists I have seen and one that chronicles an important trend in arthouse cinema.
The Avant-Garde Feature Film
Avant-garde features don’t get enough credit, especially on iCM.
dGenerate Films’ Best Chinese-Language Films of the 2000s
This one is a real long shot as we already have 3 lists for Chinese language films, but I think it’s a really solid list, with a lot of underappreciated films that deserve more exposure.
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards - Best Film
Same deal as the dGenerate list.
Wings! 100 Aviation Films
Really neat list with many little known films, that explores a really little talked about subject.
Yerevan International Film Festival - Golden Apricot
A recent film award that has consistently proven to chose great or otherwise interesting films.
Onderhond’s Top Movies
A blatantly personal top list, but one of the most divisive and interesting lists on iCM.

Official List Suggestion: Academy Award Documentary Feature

Interested in having the following list become official:

Academy Award Documentary Feature

Great documentaries have won the Academy Award and it’s getting more and more competitive each year. Here’s a chance to catch up on all the brilliant documentaries throughout the years.


@allisoncm: I moved your new topic to this one. Best to have list suggestions in one place, so we know where to look when we consider new adoptions or set up a lists poll.


Suggest possible new official lists, corrections/updates to current official lists, and other feedback on lists.

Create a new topic with your suggestion and make sure that it has a descriptive title.

That’s what allison did.

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One list I’d love to see as an official one:

TCM Presents: The Essentials

Turner Classic Movies is widely viewed and beloved by people who love films because of the films it shows and how they are presented. This list covering the films of one of TCM’s most well-known series would be a great representation of the TV channel on iCM and can serve as both a beginner’s guide for people who want to and/or are starting to get into classic cinema and as a source of recommendations for those already into classic cinema on what to check out as further choices.


Not sure about the authenticity of this particular list but this is the kind of lists that iCM currently lacks now. We need more sub-genres , sub-sub-genres, specific themed lists.


I suggested that one, but I think it was rejected.


Maybe we can start fighting for this list to be adopted and get more people on-board to fight for this list to be adopted.


Yes, I was a little confused on the process since someone did that and their topic was closed. So I created a new topic for a new list so as not to get my list buried with the other person’s suggestions. But maybe now this is the official topic?

The official forum may take getting used to but I guess it’s just trial & error as we go along.


This is new to all of us, so there aren’t any established procedures or anything. We make it up as we go along. You didn’t do anything wrong, nor did anyone else.

We’ll figure everything out eventually and things will become clear to us all.


a recent list that immediately qualifies as best option for a Spanish top-list
And I’ll second the Golden Apricot list
for the festivals/award section


Slate published a list called “The Black Film Canon” of the 50 greatest films made by black directors. I think it’d make a great official list. Here’s the link:]


I suggested that one too. We had a long discussion, but it was rejected.


My suggestion for new lists - NONE. We already have more than enough lists and they cover more movies than can ever be watched. If ICM is trying to cover all movies, then just eliminate all lists & only count all movies checked.


I agree with the part about counting all movies checked, but there’s something nice about having official lists to guide you when you’re new to a genre/country/whatever.


Aren’t rejected lists opened back up for consideration every once in awhile if there is renewed interest? After all, iCM only adopts 4 movies at a time, so that means all the other lists that weren’t chosen were rejected. The next time, new lists have to be chosen and some of them will be from the initially rejected pile.


That’s not exactly the same, Allison. There are lots of lists that are worthy for adoption, but we won’t make them official all at once. That doesn’t mean they are all rejected.

By rejected DreCosby means that most moderators don’t see that list as an adoptable list at all. Reason for this is that the only common factor of the movies on such a list is the skin-color of the director. For example, a movie from an African country about the hardships of life in drought has nothing to do with a movie by Spike Lee. I don’t see any value in such a list.


I’m not sure this is actually the case. It was discussed, there was opposition, but then it kinda died out. There wasn’t a vote and I don’t think “most” moderators even participated in the discussion (I haven’t gone back to look). In any case I consider it to be still “on the table” so to speak, I didn’t feel like the topic was exhausted at all.


Fair enough. But it certainly isn’t on top of our wishlist.


I agree about official lists as a guide for movie watching. I just think that there are enough already.