List totals not calculating correctly

on , both v2 & v3, the system is showing 550/551 checks with 0 unchecked (v2) & 550/551 with 1 unchecked but no titles displaying (v3).

Can’t say how long this error has been occurring as I rarely examine these stats for the lists I’ve added, but seeing the discrepancy caught my attention tonight given the nature of the list – my intention is that it only include checks I’ve actually seen. I have scrolled down the list - twice, both software versions - and no unchecked titles caught my eye.

When I export that list with your checks, I get a list of 551 titles in Excel and nothing unchecked. Maybe there are two titles in your list that are the same on IMDb but redirect? Something like that. I can take a closer look later today when I have the time.

There is no #109 on your list. :confused:

Can you do this for me:
Go to the edit-page of the list. Go to the tab “By IMDb Movie URL(s)”. Copy the IMDb Movie URLs to notepad and send me that file.

Or you can figure it out yourself. I wonder if that list of urls contains 550 or 551 items. If it contains 551 items, look up #109 and see if there is something weird about it.

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Okay, I’m poking around at this some more. I have a lead since I saved my spreadsheet that I worked from. It seems the offending title was “The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit” tt0326969 which cannot pulled up by number or title on either iCM or IMDb. It appears to have been removed from the IMDb database (and thusly iCM), I’m guessing because it is a compilation of three shorts.

I appreciate your help in tracking down this non-problem! I’ll try and remember to troubleshoot any other errors like this in the future - just wasn’t aware that database deletions would generate this type of error.

Went ahead and resaved the list and it’s totals correctly (550 seen out of 550).

Oh, one other thing, searching iCM for the title or tt number generates a “THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE” message. Is that the only result that the system generates when a title isn’t found? I’m used to seeing it when the system is down (for maintenance or whatever).

Ah, yes, Wallace & Gromit. That was deleted not so long ago. I discovered some titles among my checks that had no IMDb-page anymore. This was deleted because it is indeed a compilation of three shorts that also have separate pages. The deletion on iCM is something to be done manually, so apparently it causes such errors.

That search problem you mention is probably related. My best guess is that the tt-code is still in the searchdatabase, but the page doesn’t exist anymore, so you get that error. Normally when you search for a tt-code that isn’t on iCM, you get a message that the movie isn’t on iCM yet and you’ll be directed to the beta to add the movie.

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