Main Profile Page shows favorites backwards

On the main profile page where it shows just 3 awards and 3 favorites and 3 checked movies, all of them are showing the most recent ones, except favorites.
Favorites show my oldest/first favorites ever, so it never changes. It should instead show the most recent favorites.

I think it was probably intentional, but I could be mistaken.

You can reorder your favorites to put whatever films you want in the first 3 spots.

That’s on purpose indeed. It doesn’t show the oldest, but it shows the top favs. If you never changed the order, it shows the oldest. I rank my favs so it shows my all-time top 3.

Thank you for explaining this!

I found something helpful for anyone else looking for this.
There is a setting to do just what I was looking for. In “Settings” then on the ‘misc’ tab, there is an option for favorites to appear in recent order instead of the custom, manual, order.