Missing Check

As you can see in the below link, my total checks and the amount listed is slightly off, by one. I believe it is due to one being deleted or not listed anymore, which would be Night Trap (1992/Video Game). My only theory to why, is it is technically a video game, but I checked it off anyway as it is like an interactive film and has had various unofficial “film” releases that of course remove the game elements.


Hi, sorry for not replying earlier, I lost track of this thread. We leave judgement of what counts as a movie to imdb, so if imdb deems it a video game so do we. Check counts occasionally being off is a known bug that can happen for a number of edge case reasons, unfortunately.

Alright, well I can accept it being counted as a video game since it technically is one. But I am only curious, are video games removed from this website? I have noticed several had their pages removed, including Night Trap.

Yes, video games are removed from the site.