Movie Import Queue Not Working

Movie Import Queue doesn’t seem to be working. I have sometimes had issues in the past with the importing of movies, but eventually they seem to work. But now it hasn’t been working for me in a few weeks. I add movies to a list and try to save it, it says that they have been moved to the import queue, but every time I look at the queue there is only one thing. A url “” that says it has been in the queue since April 20th. No movies I have added are in the queue and I am not entirely sure which movies I am even trying to import, as it is a longer list.

That url is a list (and every film on that list is on ICM and has been for a long time). The import queue is for importing individual movies. When you add lists to icm using urls you should export the list on imdb, open it in a spreadsheet and copy all the urls (at once, not one by one, obviously) into the import by imdb url tab, then click save.

If that’s what you’re doing and still having problems perhaps you could write a step by step of what you’ve been doing and where you’ve been putting urls. I’m pretty sure the issue here is something with the way you’re adding lists (perhaps your fault or perhaps a bug) but probably not with the importer even if that’s the message you get.

I guess all I am doing is trying to adding movies by IMDB Movie URL(s). I add the movie, hit Save.

Then I get…

You have specified movies that have not yet been added to iCheckMovies. The missing movies have automatically been added to the movie import queue. You will automatically receive a notificaton when the movies have been imported, if you have specified so in your notification settings.”

If I then look at the Import Queue, it doesn’t seem like anything I have added from my list has been added to the queue.

I did not make that IMDB list or added it to the queue. I was pointing out that it looks like someone else tried to import that list(?). I have no idea. And it has been there in the import queue for awhile and maybe this is causing the import issue?

I’m having the same issue for quite a while as well. But most of the time there really is a movie to import to iCM. It just takes a few days before you can actually add it to the list after it has been added to iCM. Really annoying bug.

Can you give an example of a title that fails to add to a list? Is that title already on iCM and has been for a while?

Do you have this problem with all titles or does it work in some cases?

Ahh I see. Yes, it could be that the list being in the import queue is the issue. If you don’t know which title is causing the issue, can you post the list of imdb urls you’re trying to make into a list here? I can probably at least figure out which title is causing the issue.

Here is the list of movies…

I think a lot of them are already added, but I don’t know what titles are causing the issue. I don’t mean to create more work for you, but is there a way for me to see what title are causing the issue in the future? I don’t really want a trial and error all ~130 movies on the list.

And I wouldn’t even mind if it still let me create the list, but just didn’t add the movies that need to be imported. It just kinda says, “sorry at least one movie needs to be imported, but I can’t tell which one or if it is in the process of being imported.”

I just started trying in small batches and the 8th title already gave a problem.

This movie is in pre-production, so I guess it is impossible to import. I didn’t even know that, btw, but it makes sense to have programmed it that way. I’d suggest removing that title from your list and try again.

I haven’t tried further, so maybe there are more of these titles.

I got the list to import. I had to remove six different movies. It looks like most, if not all, are in pre-production. I wonder why you can’t import movies that are in pre-production.

Doesn’t that make sense? I can think of several reasons NOT to import pre-production movies:

  1. Noone can check it yet, because noone can see it

  2. There is probably no poster there yet, so any changes here have to be kept track of

  3. The movie may never get produced, so why have it

Exactly. That said, I’ve seen cases of movies on iCM that have been cancelled before release, so some seem to slip through.

I agree. I like to use the lists as a watchlist for the year or the future. I feel like in the past, I was able to import movies even if they were in pre-production. This maybe because of IMDbPro? It seems like they have expanded the IMDbPro-only view.

You definitely could import movies in pre production before. It’s possible something changed either on ICM or imdb lately to stop that. On the one hand it’s good to have the movies on site before release, but on the other it’s annoying that they often have entirely wrong info (year, title, director even) and need to be updated. Importing movies in production or post-production should still work and save some of the latter headache.

I noticed something about that pre-production page. You know the greasemonkey script with the links to other sites from an IMDb-movie-page? When I’m at the page of that movie above, there are no links there. It’s empty. So I’ve got the feeling that IMDb-page is not the same as regular movie-pages.

This page doesn’t work anymore with me:

Page seems to have changed as well. Did you work on this today @Marijn?

Yes, it’s now running on the new version.

@Limbesdautomne What are your issues exactly?

It sends me back to my (not beta) profile page. I can log in to the beta but can’t access to this movie add page. (I have previously added movies with the beta page.)

Ok, I’ve switched back to the previous version. I’ll try to figure out why this occurred tomorrow.

I found the cause. Should now be fixed.

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Looks like there’s something wrong with the movie import again. I’ve added this title this afternoon, but still no message:

Should be working again. Queue got stuck

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