Movie Lists Missing in Search

In the past, I have been able to type “TCM” (without the quotes) into the search field and then select Lists from the tabs that would result. This would then show every List with TCM in the title. There would usually be approximately 6-7 pages worth. On the last page, I would be able to see all the lists from 2016. As of three or four days ago, this search now brings me to the New formatted iCheckMovies page, where I can only see 29 lists, with only two of them being from 2016.
Although I must admit, I prefer the Old format of iCheckMovies, I wouldn’t mind the New format so much as long as it is correct. This lack of relevant lists is not progress, in my opinion. Perhaps it is a bug that needs to be corrected? I sure hope so. Thank you!

Until this is fixed, here’s the list - I went to the list creator’s page and found it that way.

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Good thinking! Thank you.