National Film Registry 2017 Additions


Thanks for the quick update to the NFR list. However, “The Good Fight: The Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War” (1984) is not the correct film. This is the info from the official press release about the National Film Registry additions for this year for “With the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain” (1937-38):

“This advocacy documentary about the Lincoln Brigade was shot during the Spanish Civil War to raise funds for bringing wounded American volunteers home. Some 2,800 Americans enlisted in the International Brigades to fight against fascism in defense of the Spanish Republic. It was directed by Henri Cartier-Bresson with Herbert Kline, and additional photography was provided by Jacques Lemare and Robert Capa. This film is held at New York University’s Tamiment Library, part of a vast collection of materials in the Abraham Lincoln Brigades Archive.”

It appears to be another one that is not on Imdb at the moment, along with “Fuentes Family Home Movies Collection” (1920s-30s) and “Time and Dreams” (1976).


You’re right, moviedearest. I noticed that too right after DreCosby updated it. He already corrected it.

The last few titles will probably be added to IMDb soon. There’s always somebody doing that with new NFR-titles. They will be added later.