New Official List films listed as "In 0 official lists"

Check out the latest entries to the All-Time WWBO list:

It has been over a week since both were added, and yet OE is still coming up as “In 0 Official Lists”, while JPFK is still only being recognised in 1 list.

It has also been a couple of days since the Criterion list was updated and yet a bunch of the new entries are likewise coming up as “In 0 Official Lists”.

That always happens with new movies on official lists, but it shouldn’t take THAT long. Did the userranking for lists update in the meantime? I think that process also updated the number of lists movies are on.

I have no idea about the rankings on the Criterion list, however, the rankings have definitely been increasing on the All-Time WW Box Office List. I know, because I have been keeping track of my rank these past few days as watching the Jurassic Park sequels has helped my ranking to soar.

And it’s definitely been at least a week since Ocean’s Eight was earmarked to become Official. The list was “Last updated on Jul 2, 2018 by DreCosby” apparently - unless it has been updated since without the Minor Edit box being unchecked.

I did a minor edit last week and will do a regular edit tomorrow when I add Ant-Man and the Wasp. I don’t know if Jurassic World is official because of the worldwide list or the inflation list, but it should be in two by now.