New official list suggestions (namely asian)

Not sure I’m in the right place but here goes…

I would like to suggest new asian official lists, for example, for best movie:

  • Blue Dragon Film Awards (South Korea);
  • Japan Academy Film Prize (Japan).
    IMHO, there’s huge “gaps” for asian cinema as some of the current asian movie lists have (for example) 2007 to 2012 cutoffs, which (I believe) is a significant gap.
    If there’s a more up to date list of “best” or “most popular” asian movies (since 2010?) would also like to see it/hear about it.

Since I’m at it, I would also like to suggest the Sitges Film Festival (Best Movie) to be added in.

Thank you.


Hi Moresbi,

Welcome to this forum :wave:. Thanks for your suggestions. We are aiming to expand iCM with more official lists for different countries, including more award lists. Adopting lists for genre festival awards is something we’re also discussing. We will consider the award lists you mentioned.


Here’s a list of the top 100 Asian movies, published in 2015:

I think BIFF was planning to run the poll once every 5 years, so maybe there’ll be a new version in 2020.

There are several Japanese awards, but I’m not sure which one should be adopted. For example, there’s also Mainichi, Blue Ribbon, and Kinema Junpo.

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Thank you, Lonewolf2003 :wave:
You’re most welcome. And that’s great to hear.

Thanks, mjf314.
Now that you mentioned it, the Blue Ribbon awards also ring a bell.
I don’t think I knew the other two though.
I was also unaware of the BIFF list, so thanks for that also. :+1: