Newly added films not adding to lists

You have specified movies that have not yet been added to iCheckMovies. The missing movies have automatically been added to the movie import queue. You will automatically receive a notificaton when the movies have been imported, if you have specified so in your notification settings.
Go this message when trying to import a movie that I had just added,

Since posting this I have been able to add the film to my list successfully.

It takes some time before you can add a newly added title to a list. Although the import is ready and you can check a movie, adding it to a list doesn’t work instantaneously.

Related to this…
The titles that get added to the import queue automatically while creating a list will automatically be checked once imported. I noticed by accident that I had four checks from last week, that I didn’t know about. These were imports from a newly created list. I never had the option to select whether or not the imported titles should be checked.

Are you sure that’s still true? It was a bug last week, but I think it was fixed.

Edit: yup still true, but only when added through a list, not if added to the import queue manually.