No recommendations any more?

I used to have 10 recommendations, but now I watched three on the list, and now it’s down to seven. Normally the watched films were replaced by new recommendations, but this seems to be no longer the case.

Is that maybe a bug?

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Possibly a bug. Some people have reported that it doesn’t update for them, but others don’t seem to have that problem. I don’t think anyone knows what the exact problem is.

Should I write this again in the “Bugs” forum then? Or can it be moved there?

I moved it to the bugs-section.

Seems to be solved for me as of today.

Again, I’m having 9 recommendations for quite a while, no 10th coming.

Same here; recommendations list not updating.

Same here. I guess it’s because I ignored a recommendation in the past, and by doing that, lowered the maximum amount of recommendations from 10 to 9.

I have the problem again after it was gone for a while. I have been stuck at 6 recommendations for weeks now, not updating.

The recommendations are my favourite feature on ICM. It’s unfortunate if they are not updated for weeks. This is again the case for me now. I have meanwhile checked 4 out of the 10.

Today the new suggestions came. Yipee!