Official check tallies: wrong

I’m not sure exactly when this glitch arose but, for awhile now, my displayed tally of official checks has been more than what’s observable if I sort my checks by # official lists and note where the “unofficial” films start. At first, the gap was three checks. Then the major update to the “500<400” list happened, which I had calculated would give me a net loss of two checks. However, after the update, the gap became FIVE checks. Three plus two equals five. Seems like that net loss did not get tabulated.

I wonder if this problem began in recent months when our newly seen official checks started being immediately added to our tallies. Maybe this negated the function of the site recalculating check tallies when official lists are updated.

I looked at the tallies of some people ranking in my immediate vicinity, and all their counts were wrong too. Most were too many, but one person actually had two LESS checks than deserved.

I wonder if a very large percentage of users currently have inaccurate official-check tallies. If so, this is a pretty significant issue.

Check what’s up with your own tally. If you’re a regular user, I suspect you’ll find a discrepancy.

I’m aware of incorrect counts and I’m looking into it. Sorry for the troubles :slightly_frowning_face:


Ok, I’ve built something that should correct counts after list updates. Tonight all IMDb lists get updated, so tomorrow we’ll see if it worked.

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I currently have two more official checks than I deserve. I guess that’s better than five…

It’s kinda unfortunate, because I hit a major milestone today: 5,000 official checks. Except that the tally is wrong and it’s really 4,998.

There were some issues with what I built. I’ve just pushed an update and ran it for you. Could you check if your official check count is correct now?

Yes, my tally is correct now! Nice work.

But here’s another odd case I happened to notice today: Unranked user “Blacula” is credited with 4113 official checks yet 4111 TOTAL checks!? (scroll down)

Just a data sample of the users ranking in my vicinity

Jasonturk: 5125 official checks (displayed tally: 5129)
jajusu: 5039 (displayed tally: 5040)
trip: 5039 (displayed tally: 5040)
deab4897: 5009 (displayed tally: 5015)
mightysparks: 5010 (displayed tally: 5015)
***Ebbywebby: 4998 (displayed tally: CORRECT)
traistboar: 4983 (displayed tally: 4985)
Cocoa: 4951 (displayed tally: 4970)
Tenkmovies: 4961 (displayed tally: 4964)
John Garfield: 4939 (displayed tally: 4958)
Public Enemy: 4937 (displayed tally: 4943)

So my problem is solved, but others around me have discrepancies as large as NINETEEN checks.

Yes I know. I’ve only corrected yours at the moment. The rest will follow after the official list updates.

I’m not sure what’s happening anymore.

The stats for the same 11 test cases now:

The tallies of Trip, mighty sparks, myself, Cocoa and Tenkmovies are correct. But then…

jasonturk: 5138 official checks (displayed tally: 5139)
jajusu: 5040 (displayed tally: 5042)
deab4897: 5019 (displayed tally: 5023)
traistboar: 4987 (displayed tally: 4991)
John Garfield: 4944 (displayed tally: 4962!?!?!?!)
Public Enemy: 4937 (displayed tally: 4943)

Are they still not correct? Recalculating is a background process now, so it could take some time.

The tallies all look correct now – thanks!

I’ve noticed I seem to be in a similar situation. When the Shorts award went nuts last week, I lost a number of official checks. Shorts has now been returned to normal, but I’m still showing that I have 858 top list checks on the leaderboard, when it should be 872, according to my checks. Not a huge deal, but it might be something to look into. I also tried unchecking and rechecking a few of the movies that would have been on the Shorts list, and it has had no effect on the top list checks.

You probably should wait for the next rankings-update.

The total of official checks on the rankings page is not updating.

We noticed this a couple days ago. My number has been the same for three days and another user mentioned noticing this problem a few days earlier.

@Marijn, can you take a look?


There has been a problem for roughly a week indeed. Check tallies update normally but official check tallies just do not move.

Haven’t updated for the past few days. Thank you.

I’ve noticed this as well. It’s been the case for a week, at least. The last 12 top list movies I’ve checked have not been added to my total on the Profile chart page.


Looks like things are updating again.

Yes. And if I understand, that my number updated (by almost 20), that should mean most people have been recalculated by now.

For me nothing has updated. Whatever was broken, I don’t think it’s fixed.