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Please add “63 Up” to the Roger Ebert: Great Movies list. He included the entire Up series including all future films on the list. His entry was written in 1998 and you’ve included all films in the series released after. 63 Up is the latest installment and was just released. It should be added to the list right after 56 Up.

The film -

The list -


63 Up has been added.

hi there, some Owen Land films should be added to the Anthology Film Archives list.

In December as part of Essential Cinema they are playing the following films that are not currently on the Essential Cinema list -
-Diploteratology (1967/1968)
-A film of their 1973 spring tour commissioned by christian world liberation front of berkeley, california (1974)

here’s a link for the listing -

Neither of these films were on imdb, I added them today, they should be up shortly.

Also should be added to the Anthology Film Archives, they are playing in December as Essential Cinema-

-Way out West (1937)
-Be Big (1931)
-The Music Box (1932)
-Towed in a Hole (1932)

Where do you see these are part of “essential cinema”? I don’t see that on the listing of upcoming screenings.

I do see Diploteratology on the overview of essential cinema on their website. I’ll go through that page this weekend, to see what’s currently missing.

They’re tagged “EC”
I don’t know if that means we should add them the list, as that would mean going back through all screenings and seeing what’s tagged, vs going off their list.

I see you can filter the screenings by program, so I guess it should be the most thorough method to go through their screenings. I think I’ll give this a shot. Might take a while to go through. I’ll take a note till which month I’ve done this and then I’ll do it from there now and then.

Going through this, I’m running into titles that are currently on the iCM-list, but not on the source-list. For example Chaplin’s “The Cure” and “Sunnyside”. There are three Charlie Chaplin programs in their screenings, but none include these two.

I might run into more later. I’ll post a complete overview when I’m done. If anybody can find the info needed, let me know.

Btw, what would be the best way to sort the list? Currently it’s sorted by director and then alphabetically within the listings of a director. The last ordering is not correct everywhere, though. If I’m going through the screenings anyway, I might even order the list by first screening date. Would be nice to have an overview in the order of which the titles were submitted to the essential cinema program.

I would just go by director since that is how Anthology does it. The “A Film of their 1973…” may have just gotten restored and maybe thats why its not on the list? I’m not sure, I can ask them why when I’m in their next.

The Laurel and Hardy films are part of essential cinema, as it lists on their site -
“Laurel and Hardy
Selected Films (One Program per Cycle)”

I’ve added films as I’ve seen it in their quarterly calendar. Its pretty rare that one pops up that isnt on the list on their website.

Yeah, I noticed that “selected films (one program per cycle)” later when I started comparing. Annoying that they don’t just list the titles. There aren’t that many.

So you think it’s pointless to go through the screenings one by one? Then I’ll just stick to comparing the two lists (iCM and their website).

Would be great if you can ask about “A Film of their 1973…”

Do you have any idea about the two Chaplins I mentioned?

Charlie Chaplin:
Selected Features (One Program per Cycle)
Selected Shorts (One Program per Cycle)

yeah, I wouldn’t go though all the screenings. I scan the Anthology quarterly edition every time it comes out and in about 8 years of doing that I’ve found maybe 5-10 films that aren’t listed on Anthology’s official list. The Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy stuff does pop up every once and a while though.

If you search for those programs you can see which titles are included. Those two are not among them.
Program 1:
Program 2:
Program 3:

Seems like those programs have alternating shorts included, although the listing is called the same. I found Sunnyside. Didn’t find The Cure, but I guess we should just trust that someone saw it included in a program in the past.

This one by Andrew Noren should be added as well:

It’s listed on their overview page.

These two are on IMDb now. I just imported them to iCM. I’ve got a spreadsheet ready to update the Anthology list, but normally it takes a while before you can update with new titles.

I sorted the spreadsheet in groups as presented on their website. The current list is not consistent with that, so the order will be changed. So I took the liberty to change the order in the groups as well. That was alphabetically, but not always. I made it chronologically within the groups.

Oh, hey, great. The few days delay is gone. List is updated.

Thanks for updating. I’ll continue to list new titles here as I see them in Essential Cinema.

Thanks for helping!

I just updated 1001MYMSBYD