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Next Monday (March 9th) most official lists will get new names. The naming of lists have always been a bit messy, so we’ve decided to change most names so the naming is as consistent as possible. So next week you’ll find the lists at another place in the alphabetical order. Also some links might be broken for a short while, because the urls will change. Redirects to the new urls will be made as soon as possible after the name change.


This is done.

Hello, I hope this message reaches one of the moderators/admins and if not, I would request someone to please redirect it to the admin whosoever is responsible for the same. Firstly, I love the website and have been an active member from 2015 or so and have discovered so much through this website. I have a sincere request for the admins - please review your official lists for Indian films, it is as if the updates stopped at 2012 and never happened thereafter. A movie here or there, if an international globally popular movie gets added in a few lists otherwise so many good movies just stay on 0 lists forever. Everytime a new forum or addition to official lists come up, I patiently and excitedly read them to see if an Indian film has been added to them or the Indian list for that matter has been updated, but it almost never happens for some reason. This being the only major Indian official list was last updated on 2012 and the latest movie here is from 1992 - .Bit unfair, don’t you think to the good films being made here? And I do not consider the big budget crap we make, but the really good cinema we produce across the country.

Do you know of any that would cover that segment?
I haven’t seen anything recent comparable to that list that could serve as an upgrade or addition. It is a shame the list is so old, but unfortunately we don’t make the lists, only look for what’s available and appropriate.

There are two other official Indian lists as I’m sure you know:
That one is more Bollywood focused, so maybe not what you’re talking about. It’s also pretty old so we have talked about looking for a more recent replacement for it but haven’t really found something suitable.
This one was adopted relatively recently, so it’s not like we haven’t been thinking of India.

Thank you for the prompt response. Yes, the Golden Lotus is the National Award for Best Feature Film given to films every year and hence, it has recent movies. But, that’s still just one movie a year. The first list that you have provided, like you said is still very old. But I get your point yes. Give me a week’s time. I shall research and get back to you on a list that really does justice to good films made around the country and includes the recent ones as well. You guys can go through it/them and maybe get it on the website in your next update. Thank you!

Hello. In case you weren’t aware I thought I would let you know that Arts & Faith recently updated their Top 100 Spiritually Significant Films list. Here’s a couple links:

Thanks for all you do!
-Adam G

Thanks Adam G.

I’ve also found the discussion link on their forum:

I’ll review the list and update the one on icm with an updated description as well.

Shouldn’t the official Criterion list ( be updated with all Agnès Varda’s movies? This movie for instance is not an official check: but is is included in the box that is due to be released this August: . This goes for more of her feature documentaries, like I’m not sure about the criteria you use for the shorts included in the box.

I think the reason is that only releases with spine number get added to the Criterion list. That boxset doesn’t correspond to any spine number (but some movies in it do, like you can see here:

A minor correction on BFI’s 100 European Horror Films after I got a copy of the book.

#19 Danza macabra 1964 — a.k.a. Castle of Blood, in 2 top lists – INCORRECT

#19 Horror Castle (1963) La vergine di Norimberga – CORRECT

Given the nearness in dates and similarity of names, it’s easy to see how the two were confused, but the book clearly includes La vergine di Norimberga (not Danza macabra though both films were official before and Danza remains official after thanks to TSZDT).

The Euro Horror list has been updated.

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In the official list ‘The Story of Film – An Odyssey’ by Mark Cousins this title called ‘Shiva’ should be replaced by this one (als called Shiva and directed by the same director):

Thanks! We’ll look into this and verify which film should be included in the list.

Thanks for the update in the blog. But the official Russia list has not really been changed yet, or? It doesn’t show up in the progress page.

It shows up for me on my progress page, in between “Emma Beare’s 501 Must-See Mov…” and “Empire’s The 100 Best Films o…” so perhaps there was a slight delay before it appeared?

The Livejournal list is also removed from my progress page, and the other two new lists show up.

Yes, now it’s all in place. Thanks.

I just updated the Unesco list. 77 titles have been added.

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Hey everyone,

I have been working on watching all of the films in the Film as a Subversive Art List.

It seems, that the entry for The Second in Command is wrong since I could not find any mention of it in the book. There is indeed a passing sentence about a film called “The Second Coming” which from the phrasing I assume Vogel never watched. It does not have a IMDb link but apparently the director was William Adler which might explain the confusion (similar name, similar director name, same year). I would suggest removing the film from the list.

Going by this example I feel a bit reluctant about how meaningful the implementation of this list really is. Vogel has several sections where he lists the movies he deems essential (my wording) and I wouldn’t necessarily add films to a list just because he mentions them once in a half sentence.

Here is the quote from the book:

Though the camera had “moved” in Griffith and, according to
James Card, in William Adler’s The Second Coming (1915), (1)
It was Karl Freund’s moving camera in F.W. Murnau’s The Last
Laugh (1924) and E.A. Dupont’s Variety (1925) that served
as harbinger of a revolution which – with the development
of montage – transformed cinema into an art form.

Edit: Some confusion since the IMDb page for William Adler also links to The Second in Command –

Hi Joschi, thanks for posting!

I think the Vogel list has a number of questionable entries - I’ve been meaning to comb through the list one by one and compare it with the source, but it keeps sliding down my to-do list.

Do you have a physical copy of the book, or just the pdf version that’s been floating around? I have the pdf, but would love to compare it to a copy of the actual book to make sure it’s the same.

Regarding The Second in Command, I think you’re right. I found the same passage you quoted in my pdf, and I cannot find The Second in Command elsewhere. There’s the possibility that the film is known by a different name in the book, so I’ll make a note of it for now to check deeper when I go through the list in detail.

Hi Fergenaprido,

I have a physical version of the revised German version published in 1997. I found the sentence both in the PDF I have of the English version and in the German print version.

(It opens with a foreword by Vogel)

My book was written in English but my mother tongue is German.
It is to my great pleasure that this first revised edition will be published in German.
An additional - and quite perverse - pleasure is the fact that it happens in Austria
where I was almost killed under the Hitler regime.

I tried to find a copy of “The Film Experience” to check out the passage myself. It appears to be on page 9 of the book.

I actually scanned through the register at the end of the German version and you can actually see that “The Second in Command” isn’t listed under the films and William Bowman isn’t listed under the directors. (See attached image)

If it would be of any help or even wanted I could go through with a list that only features the films with a detailed description. Since every section has quite an expansive list of films and Vogels interest in the subversion, it is quite easy to point out which films make up the meat of the list.


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Thanks for that.

Let me shift around some of my priorities for this upcoming week so that I can take a look at Vogel. I’ll sort through the list and come up with what I think should and should not be included based on the pdf version, then I’ll share it with you so that you can doublecheck - I wouldn’t want to have you go through everything as it seems like a lot of unnecessary work. I’m not sure what was used as the basis for the original list on icm - it’s been there so long I’m not sure any of the current mods even know. I’ll also see what the difference is between a list of only featured films and a list of everything mentioned.