Official Lists Update Showing All Movies Checked

These message updates used to show which moves you have seen in a separate group from the movies you had not seen. And the little checks properly indicated if you have seen them or not. Now it is just showing everything checked and in one group. Here is the one from March 24th:

Note that I do not actually have most of those movies checked, and they don’t show checked when I click the links to visit the pages.

This feature has been removed for performance and reliability reasons. You can no longer see which movies you’ve checked in an official list update message, sorry. To see which of the added moves you’ve checked you’ll have to visit the list itself

Is this why many of us are now regularly receiving the weekly updates after months/years of not receiving them or receiving them sporadically? I didn’t realize that the two would be linked. While it is inconvenient to not be able to see at a glance which films you’ve seen and which you haven’t, it is nice that the updates are working once again.

Yes, this fixes exactly that

Wait, I’ve joined 4 years ago and never heard of this feature.
Where can I go to see the updates made to the list instead of just getting emailed that I lost some award?
Thanks in advance.

They are weekly notifications that get sent out. You can control which notifications you receive your account in your settings. You can receive them by Private message or Email.

Note that the updates only include lists that are automatically updated. If a mod edits a list, let’s say by adding the latest Oscar winner, you don’t get a notification. I don’t know why that’s not the case. It’s a feature I’ve been wanting for years.

I feel like when I first joined the updates were pretty reliable. What changed over the years? Granted there was a period of time where they were very frequent, but I didn’t have an issue with that.

so in my Notification Settings, I only see these:

Private messages
Friend requests
Group join requests
Top list updates
Award updates
New blog posts
Added movies
Personal list comment

I am assuming it’s the option called “Top list updates”, but next to that one I have both columns checkmarked for “Private Message” and “Email”. I have never received a list update message in my “inbox” inside this website, nor sent to me at my personal gmail address. What is wrong with my account? Why can’t I get these like everyone else? Is my own profile/username of “wilyhawk” corrupt?

I have never seen an update to email. I’m pretty that’s a “if we ever need to option.”
Top lists updates is the option you’re asking about.

I’m not sure why you aren’t receiving them. You’re not alone, some people have reported not receiving them, and others have said they receive them only occasionally. I’m not sure why.

Aww, that’s sad. I wonder if there is a fix that can be done, or if this is something that will not be looked into.

It sounds like the change that started this thread was supposed to fix exactly that. So @Marijn might be able to take a look

One thing I could suggest is to uncheck the option, save, and then check it again. Not sure if that will work, but it’s worth a try.

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I’m actually a software tester, so I decided to first uncheck both columns for the Top Lists of private message and email and saved that change. Then I decided to just check the one for private message and turn it back on and saved again.

Sadly today there is no new notification today for any IMDb top lists to have any changes, so I am guessing it’s still broken.
Hopefully @Marijn will have a chance to look into getting it fixed.

Still broken. Never gotten an email showing what items changed in a Top List