Official Top Lists and Rank

Hello, probably been asked before but I assumed if you watch something that’s in a number of Official Toplists then your rank would jump by that number eg Great Train Robbery (1903) is in 12 Official Toplists but my rank might just go up by +1, I read there are 2 checks but not sure how that works

For the overall user rankings it doesn’t matter on how many official lists a movie is on. The rankings are based on the number of movies a user has seen that are on at least one official list. How your rank goes up totally depends on the people around you. If you watch a movie, but the person(s) above you watch as well, you won’t climb. My rank hasn’t changed in a long time, although I watch a lot of movies, because people around me are dozens of checks away from me and we all watch roughly the same number of movies.

There are also rankings for each official list. These are based on the number of checks a user has on that particular list. So if you watch The Great Train Robbery, you might climb on 12 list rankings (or maybe not, again depending on the people around you).

Was this what you meant?

Thanks for reply Joachimt, still a bit confused. I watched The Red Shoes the other night which is on 20 odd Official Toplists but I only moved 1 position in rank but anyway I won’t worry about rank so much just progressing in the different lists

You gain only one check by watching The Red Shoes. You don’t gain 20 points. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on 20 lists or just one.