Poll: Award lists that should be official: votes due July 8


Which award lists should be official? Choose as many or as few lists as you wish.
We encourage everyone to discuss the lists and explain why you voted the way you did.
If you change your mind during the discussion, you can edit your vote by clicking “Hide results” and then voting again.

See this spreadsheet for information about the lists.


Country-specific awards:

Genre/category-specific awards:


It may be a little late to point this out, but I find it strange that Academy Award winners for Animated Short and for Animated Feature are combined into a single list, and the same is done for Documentary films.

I suppose that could be fixed later, if/when the lists got adopted.


For documentary, there’s also a nomination for features only, in case you want to vote for that one.


Good point. I agree. I won’t push for adoption of any of these, but if we do it, let’s do it correctly, with separate lists.


By the way, if the Louis Delluc Prize list gets adopted, I think the order should be reverted to chronological.


Where’s Toronto International Film Festival ? :roll_eyes:


It’s in Toronto, basically every year. One of the biggest cities of Canada. Can’t be missed.


Award list usually don’t get the warmest reception when they become official, but I do think they are a very good option to cover a country. And also genre. There was a call for lists that cover more recent global genre movies and that is why, as moderator, I suggested the last-minute inclusion of the award-lists of two of the oldest genre-festivals in the wolrd, Sitges and Fantasporto. Looking at the last 5 winners of Fantasporto, I just know that list can make some niche-users very happy if it would be official:

2014 Miss Zombie Sabu Japan
2015 Liza, a rókatündér Károly Ujj Mészáros Hungary
2016 The Lure Agnieszka Smoczynska Poland
2017 Realive Mateo Gil Spain
2018 Ravenous Robin Aubert Canada

The main interest in awards seem to be Cannes and Oscars. As for my personal choice I’ll only go for Cannes. A list that just has “all nominations” is never a good list in my opinion. But the Grand Prix (Cannes 2nd prize) is a no-brainer in my book!… and then we might as well also go for the Jury (3rd) prize, so I voted for that too.

I also gave my vote to the Japanese award list.


I created the Oscar winning documentary and animated films lists purposely combining the feature and short winners as these Oscar categories are all long overdue for official lists and the possibility of them finally being made official is more likely with 2 lists instead of 4. Plus the animated features have only had 17 winners so far.


The animated shorts are so much more interesting than the features. You basically just get a list of most Pixar movies. The shorts, however, would make a great addition.


We certainly don’t need more cannes awards. What we need FIRST is to cover the awards list with film festival and national awards from around the globe BEFORE we get to that.


Not every festival is good. I happened to add a few festival lists this week, and to be honest it seems to me like Cannes’ second or third prize lists have a much better selection. Films that are already in more top lists, generally, so they’re more acclaimed.

I’m quite worried, on the other hand, about the extremely English language focused results these polls seem to have. All Golden Globe nominees, really? The NBR top tens? Isn’t that basically just a variation on the list with all Oscar best picture nominees, which is already official? Maybe we should make every American film official, just to be a sure we don’t miss anything?


a lot of people seem to be voting for things they know, not things they mis on ICM…?
it seems Cannes is still doing fine though


I really like that you add so many lists to ICM :+1:

what are good festivals that are not nominated / forgotten here? I thought of
and for genre, docs, lbgt, other stuff?


It’s a pleasure. There are so many great lists that deserve more attention. For instance 5 out of 15 of the FIAPF accredited feature film festivals turned out to be missing from iCM, while they might be the first candidates for adoption. As of now, 4 out of 15 are official. I made a list of those 15 lists on the unofficial forum.

But I think you named the most important ones indeed, maybe next to Mar del Plata and Montreal.


I voted for the Cannes lists, as in my book, this is still the most important festival in the world and it deserves more than one official list.


Soooo, what’s next?


Sometime soon we’ll have a final ballot ready for people to vote on with a scale -1 to 3(or 4) like last time. Though a much smaller ballot (35-50 lists, I can’t recall the exact number). We’re just finishing hashing out the timeline and logistics.


Just remember to check the humidity in the room where you put all those giant stacks of sweet sweet microstate money. Made that mistake once.