Poll: General lists that should be official: votes due July 8

Which general lists (lists that include all types of films) and other category lists (lists that focus on a specific category other than country/genre) should be official? Choose as many or as few lists as you wish.
We encourage everyone to discuss the lists and explain why you voted the way you did.
If you change your mind during the discussion, you can edit your vote by clicking “Hide results” and then voting again.

See this spreadsheet for information about the lists.


Other categories:

For the two lists of films by female directors, I prefer the Year with Women list because it’s ranked (as opposed to chronological) and it doesn’t restrict itself to a single film per director (meaning it’s the best films that get highlighted, not the best directors).

There are some very good and some very strange nominations here!
“Films mentioned in Los Angeles Plays Itself” for instance. I could see why someone want to make that list, but it is a very specific niche to make official with any kind of priority, no?
Lots of very large lists too. I think we might have a bit too much of those already?

What gets my vote?

the Taschen decade lists. I think they are good entry-level lists that could do a better job than the Imdb-lists are currently doing in that area

the S&S 75 hidden gems. A bit niche maybe too, but again a nice entry-level list, in this case for those who want too look beyond main canon and for who Doubling is too large and 500<400 not stable enough

Then I think it would be very nice to have a list focussing on Female directors. A year with women seems indeed the best option of the two nominated. Although I do not really like the ranking this poll ended up with and personally miss some Duras in that list. I will vote for it, but I actually hope somebody is able to find a better list in the near future for this particular topic.

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I wanted to add:

although I am also part of the MovieMeter community and do really think our top1000 is rather good and has some (mostly Asian) entries not seen on many similar lists. I am not sure these kind of forum top1000 lists are suitable material for offical status. I do look at the list from time to time for recommendations, but think the appeal outside of MM might be limited

and I was very tempted to vote for the excellent Sight & Sound annual top 10 list, but the Cahiers annual top10 list that is already official covers very similar ground, so didn’t feel like it needed priority. If it ends up very popular I wouldn’t disaprove though! :slight_smile: If only because Cahiers do often make a few very ideosyncratic choices…

The list Complicated Women comes from a book by Mick LaSalle, who also wrote another book about Pre-Code Hollywood called “Dangerous Men”. The list from that book is also on iCM

I’m not familiar with either book, but maybe they’re meant to be considered together as a set?

In any case, I voted for the other Pre-Code list, Sin in Soft Focus.

You da man!

I voted for:

100 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time
Movie buffs who subsribe to auteur theory can tend to focus on directors and forget the contributions actors make to films. I’ll be glad to have an official acting list.

Black Film Canon
This list is already on my iCheckMovies ‘head canon.’ It’s well-curated and would be a valuable contribution.

iCM Forum’s Favourite Unofficial Checks - Top 250

By the list name, how could it be possible for it to become an official list?

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The idea is that it’d be “ICM Forum’s Favourite films on no other official list” I suppose. That said much as I like the forum I’m not a fan of a list with that criteria no matter its origin.

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I think that list should not be voted on. It would be voting for a list that would have its name changed if it ends up on the official lists.

I’d like to see the annual book: 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, added to the offficial list and updated annually.

Soo many great movies but the book is never list here.

already official