Poll: Genre lists that should be official: votes due July 8

Which genre lists should be official? Choose as many or as few lists as you wish.
We encourage everyone to discuss the lists and explain why you voted the way you did.
If you change your mind during the discussion, you can edit your vote by clicking “Hide results” and then voting again.

See this spreadsheet for information about the lists.


More genres:

Country-specific genres/categories:

Of the two action lists I much prefer the Time Out list, as it’s ranked and selected by a wide range of critics and professionals rather than one man.

Of the two giallo lists Giallo Scrapbook is easily the best. The other one is too indiscriminate.

I’m not sure which Action list or which Children’s list I prefer, so I voted for both/all of them for now. Would be great to see a clearer comparison between those lists. Didn’t realize the distinction about the action lists that Chris pointed out.

I just posted comparisons for the action lists and children’s lists:

I really hope we don’t adopt any more horror lists. We already have a list of 1000 titles just for that genre. Enough.


Thanks mjf.

Looking those over, I prefer the Time Out list for action, as it seems broader in scope and less concerned about including every Bond film. I’m surprised that there’s so little overlap between the two lists, though, and there are a number on the 101 list I would consider essential/best. Both lists have questionable entries.

The BFI seems the best mix of children’s films; Empire is too animation-heavy and the 77 is too franchise-heavy for what I would like to see represented.

looking at the lists, you know, for kids I think the BFI lists has a few too many films that feature kids but would not necessarily make good movies for kids (especially to see before the age of 14 as mentioned in the description of that lists). The other two lists are heavy on animation, franchises and very recent cinema in general. Empire mentiones Totoro, so that is a plus. But for me clearly none of them are perfect as a list for kids to explore cinema beyond their recent netflix-recommendations.

I would agree, were it not for the BFI list, which I find not only an interesting selection, but also quite different from other horror lists, which made me put it on my watchlist despite hating horror in general.

Yes, that European horror list has some great entries! It might also be a good option for those who would like to see gialli getting a bit more recognition!

When something is popular it deserves more lists to look at it in different ways. Yes, there is that list of 1000 already official, but I think that list is mainly for those who really lOve the genre. The European angle of this list is interesting, and in my opinion it is also a very strong selection of titles. I voted for it.

Looking at the other lists there are some potentially great nominations. But I find it hard to make decissions on most of them. The forbidden, cult and sexuality seems a big theme. I thought we already have enough general cult-orientated lists official, and I do not feel the need for porn to become official checks. But I surprised myself while looking into the “the X-list”-list. I just read the introduction to the source book and although it is not a poll or ‘best of’ list selected by a single critic either, it does seem like a very well curated list of very strong movies that cover the subject in all kinds of important and interesting angles. Since there is interest in this subject, this list might be the best way to cover it! The list made me interested in some titles too, so I’ll bookmark it and vote for it.

I think the BFI list had a different goal compared to the other lists, because it’s a list of films that kids should watch, as opposed to films aimed at kids (although there’s overlap between the two). I guess it’s like a film equivalent of a reading list. Here’s more information about the list:

I just wonder how well kids would process a movie like Playtime or El espíritu de la Colmena? Wouldn’t much of the content pass them by? Others I could see as “viewing list” material. Something like Au revoir les enfants or Ladri di biciclette could be watched and understood by kids even if it may feel a bit more educational than enjoyable at some levels. I think it is a list in general that adult moviebuffs might like more than children interested in cinema. (I even think they might get more enjoyment from avant-garde animation like https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/tango/ or https://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/pas+de+deux/ if I would make a cinephile list for kids)

And you’re the one who nominated the other action list!

I wouldn’t mind both of them becoming official - like Fergenaprido said, each one includes some important films.

Instead of adopting the entire Swedish Sensationsfilms list, maybe you could adopt just the top 20

I think “Golden 100 of Russian Animation” should be official. Only 16 of the top 100 are already official.
It’s a large category so I think it should be better represented (there are over 6000 Russian animations).
This list was voted by 100 experts, and every title in the top 100 received at least 23 votes.

Worth repeating!

"Excellent idea Minkin, in my cases depending of whether VS in the end (because of the already “exceptions” adopted, Criterion, Eclipse and MoC) will get accepted or not.

Vinegar Syndrome 310 new official checks or 97% of the list.

Swedish Sensationsfilms 178 new official checks or 89% of the list

XRCO Hall of Fame 77 new official checks or 99% of the list

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time 125 new official checks or 98% of the list

I think the numbers says enough, and besides the numbers It would be on a personal level nice to be able to give at least one official list on ICM an overall thumbs up."

Those numbers can be interpreted as “wow this is an area we’ve missed” but they can also be interpreted as “these movies are niche trash that hasn’t merited a spot on any of the many already official lists.” I know your interpretation is the first, but don’t be surprised if for many people, as shown the last time, their interpretation of the numbers is the second.

In my view, ICM could benefit from more genre lists. Not every genre is for everyone, but enthusiasts of particular types of films could find suggestions of great films they’d really enjoy that they might not find easily another way. I generally voted for genres that I’m interested in exploring more (and lists I don’t already have), like gangster, action and horror. On the other hand, I’m personally less interested in experimental or underground films. Also, my personal opinion is that this isn’t a particularly suitable forum for directing people to particular adult films.


And mine is the opposite since beside bring more diversity, evolve and broaden ICM after close to a decade, I would also like the official lists to have overall higher quality.

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everyone of them)

For people looking to expand iCM’s recognition of adult films, I would recommend voting for the “BFI 100 cult films” and the “125 forbidden films” in the general list (both of which are doing well in the voting). They cover some of the key adult films that are currently unofficial.