Poll: Lists that should be official: nominations due April 29


The moderators are looking for lists to adopt as official iCM lists. Please nominate lists in this thread. You may nominate up to 3 lists. Lists that we feel are unadoptable (e.g. personal lists or filmography lists) may be rejected.

After the nomination phase is over:

  • We will separate the lists into categories and run a series of small polls.
  • Then we will run a larger poll, consisting of lists that performed well in the small polls. You will be able to rate each list based on how much you want it to be official.

When you nominate a list, please include the following information:
List title, year of publication, iCM list URL, number of films, list order, description (who created the list, how they created it).

Here is an example nomination:
100 Norwegian Films You Must See (2008)
101 films (chronological)
This book’s selection is based on historical significance as well as audience and critical reception.

We ran a similar poll a few years ago. Lists that performed well last time have been auto-nominated.

All nominated lists


Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide.

Complicated women

Forbidden Hollywood

OR… one of any pre-code lists I’n not asking for both, if you think this counts as a 4th nomination, sorry… please delete)



I think it’s time to introduce some broader decade lists. I’m not completely sure which lists are around, but I’d suggest at least taking a vote on the Taschen lists, though they’re far from perfect.


Dictionary of Films from Jacques Lourcelles
1515 films (alphabetically, in French)
“1508 movies up to year 1992. Movies from every part of the world selected and analyzed by Jacques Lourcelles, a french cinema critic.”

Dizionario dei capolavori del cinema (Dictionary of Cinema Masterpieces)
1244 films (chronologically)
“Dizionario dei capolavori del cinema” is an Italian book written by Fernando Di Giammatteo and Cristina Bragaglia published in 2004. It lists 1244 of the “most significative movies” released between 1895 and 2004."

‘I Capolavori’ - The 4 and 5 star Italian classics, according to the Morandini dictionary
161 films
“Written and updated on a year-by-year basis by Laura, Luisa and Morando Morandini. (…) The four-star rating is generally given to film regarded as masterpieces, while the five-star rating is assigned to those films that are considered to be fundamental in the history of cinema or that represent the highest achievement of a great director.” (stefanaki) (Last updated on Apr 2, 2018; ranked chronologically)


Academy Award Best Documentary Nominees (last updated 2018)
326 films (chronological)
Films selected by the AMPAS as nominees in the Best Documentary Feature category at Oscars. A broad range of films highlighting topics and social concerns that were pertinent at the time that they were released.


Sight & Sound’s 75 Hidden Gems (2007)
75 films (alphabetical)
As part of the Sight & Sound magazine’s 75th anniversary, the editors asked 75 critics from around the world to select a single film that is “unduly obscure and worthy of greater eminence.”


My nominations:

Les 100 chefs-d’oeuvre du film historique (100 Historical Film Masterpieces)

100 Cult Films (BFI Screen Guide)

Total Film 50 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies
This list was created in 2012 by critic George Wales and published in Total Film magazine. It contains 50 movies, unranked.

Edit: Removed the two lists that were auto-nominated.


Several people so far didn’t fully submit this. Let’s make clear that we want that information to make the voting process easier. After the nominations everyone can vote on all of those lists. If there’s no info it’s hard to vote, because it certainly matters how the list was created (poll for lots of critics, webpoll, one person, book, etc…) and if the list is ranked or not. So will the following people complete their nominations?


They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? (all editions)

In Competition at Cannes

ill edit the info in later


In alphabetical order.

Swedish Sensationsfilms (2011)
201 movies (alphabetical)

“A Clandestine History of Sex, Thrillers, and Kicker Cinema”.

Author: Daniel Ekeroth.

This volume is an updated and expanded version of a previous book which you can also find on icheckmovies: “Svensk sensationsfilm”. In total, this new version features an additional 41 films.

#1-161: Films featured in “Svensk sensationsfilm” (The original book in Swedish from 2003).

#162-201: Titles that weren’t included in the aforementioned book but are presented here.

Six missing titles (films that aren’t on imdb): Det bästa ur Kärlekens språk, Dreams of Love, Hemmafruarnas hemliga sexliv, Ligga i Lund, Sommaren med Vanja + Fränder

Vinegar Syndrome (2012)
321 movies (random)

The following is a list of all films Vinegar Syndrome has released to video in some format (Blu-ray and/or DVD) to date.

The following are not on IMDB:
*Carnal Go-Round (1970) from the Storefront Theatre Collection #1
*The Scorpion (1972) from Storefront Theatre Collection #2

XRCO Hall of Fame (1985)
78 movies (random)

The XRCO Hall of Fame is a list of the best adult films, performers, and directors. Films are inducted at the XRCO’s annual awards ceremony, starting in 1985. The films are listed in order of induction. The number of inductees changes from year to year (and sometimes no films are inducted). All of the films were at least 9 years old at the time of induction.

The XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) is a group of ~50 currently working critics who publish reviews on a regular basis. Members are required to have a wide knowledge of the business, and must watch a sufficient number of titles to be allowed to vote in most of the categories.


There is a dire need for more lists in the Director Tab, I have a couple of suggestions. Perhaps not ideal, but…

The Dardennes’ 79 Favorite Movies.
79 films (ranked (?) )
La Cinetek published a list of the Dardennes’ 79 favorite films of the 20th century.

Edgar Wright’s 1000 favorite movies
1000 movies (year of release)
Edgar Wright submitted his 1000 fav’s to mubi.com

Rushprint’s The best Norwegian films of all time
25 movies, ranked.
Rushprint magazine asked selected critics and academics to compile a list of the ten best Norwegian movies. From these lists they created a new list of the twentyfive best norwegian movies of all time.


As I’m trying to complete Edgar Wright’s “Edgar Wright’s 1000 favorite movies” I’d like to see that as official.

I’d also like to see an official Giallo list. A concatenation of these two lists unless anybody knows of better
So Deadly, So Perverse 50 Years of Italian Giallo Films Vol 1
So Deadly, So Perverse 50 Years of Italian Giallo Films Vol 2


Chris, both of these are already auto-nominated.


John Waters’ Yearly Top 10 Picks
ongoing from 2001
185 at the moment
each year ten (current) movies added to bottom of list
There are a few top10 lists I look forward to at the end of each year, and this is certainly one of them. The eclectic mix of arthouse en genre/pulp movies makes it also something I like to work on (and hope others will too)

source: John Waters is a respected writer and director

Sight & Sound’s 75 Hidden Gems
alphabetical order
another good mix of art and pulp and all of them are underseen gems. a perfect list to work on. Added to this is the static nature and relatively small amount of films, might again be inviting to work on for more people. Some titles will become less obscure over time, but I think this could become a classic start-out-list for those who want to look beyond canon (already is in my opinion).

source: Sight and Sound is a respected magazine on movies

for my third choice I wanted to go with a festival prize. Not all major festivals are represented yet on ICM, but when I look at the lists I actually favorited to potentially work on, it was a toss-up between the more obscure golden Alexander or the golden Apricot prize (both have very interesting winners on them, check it out!). I’m going with the Apricot! … I think…

Yerevan International Film Festival - Golden Apricot
2002 (going on the list that is on ICM)
14 movies currently, obsiously growing each year
chronological order with the last on top
maybe a bit too short at the moment… but that could be a fun mini-sized run for platinum challenge right!?
I’ve seen 8 of the movies at the moment. All of them at least somewhat special, some of them (verging on) truly great, like Embrace of the Serpent and V Tumane. I think it is a good mix of popular and challenging in the art-house section and am looking forward to the titles I haven’t seen yet!

source: The 1st price-winner of an official festival (don’t know much about it, but I respect it ;))


Already nominated by rnilsson19.


I took it that my seconding of the choice would make it stronger… but I guess you are looking for the most suggestions at this stage of the game…

shall I add the golden Alexander now… or go with Susan Sontag’s favorite movies… :slight_smile:


I apologise for not including the required info … Sorry, but some of the requirements I don’t fully understand.- what is ‘list order’? and how do I know how someone created the list and when?
So if this is still not correct, again, sorry, and I willleave it at this …

Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide.
3253 films.Created by Mouflon.Favorited 18 times, disliked 0 times, added to 16 watchlists.

Complicated women
184 films Created by Rodolfo.
Favorited 14 times, disliked 0 times, added to 15 watchlists.

Forbidden Hollywood
30 films Created by phurren. Favorited 6 times, disliked 0 times, added to 4 watchlists.

OR… one of any pre-code lists I’n not asking for both, if you think this counts as a 4th nomination, sorry… please delete)



Ok, I’ll fill in my extra slot with the possible alternative for a Festival Prize list

Thessaloniki international film festival - Golden Alexander
from 1991 going by the ICM list (not updated since 2015…)
26 movies (and hopefully counting)
chronological with the latest on top

Again an official festival, but a smaller one that I do not know a lot about at the moment. I selected it purely on the strength of the movies I have seen (and would like to see) from the list. Including such gems as Blisfully Yours and the slightly lesser known but highly reccomended Portret v Sumerkakh. It is all arthouse but there seems to be again a good mix of both popular and challenging going on, and I like the world-cinema oriented nature of winners. Comparable to the Apricot and (only) slightly longer. My only preference for the Apricot was based on V Tumane (a personal alltime favorite).

source: official festival prize


Okay, so I understand the Taschen film lists are automatically nominated. I’d suggest to add them as separate lists, though. That makes it much more fun to work on them.

That being said, here is my first nomination:

100 French films for an ideal Cinematheque

Source: Histoire du cinéma français des origines à nos jours (book), written by French film critic René Prédal in 2013. It contains 100 films, ordered chronologically.

I think it gives an interesting cross section of French film history.
It differs significantly from other French lists in that it’s not a popularity poll, which makes it complementary to the existing official lists.

Still thinking about other nominations.


1 more. I think the site is lacking an official erotic themed list.

The X List: The National Society of Film Critics’ Guide to the Movies That Turn Us On (2005)
82 films (alphabetical)
The X List s a criticism compilation about sex-themed films.