Problem searching for movie titles

I am trying to find The V.I.P.s ( Numerous items appear but none of them are this title. I tried the same thing with Birthday Party ( and could not find it either. I tried both the title & IMDB link.

If you can’t find a title, you can try adding it to Icheck here

One of them is already on this site and did not need to be imported.

I knew 1 was already on the site but why does it not show up in any search? Can we no longer search by IMDB link?

Now I am trying to add Kim from 1950 to a list I am creating. Title or IMDB link do not show this title. How do I find it?

For now if you just copy the tt##### part of the imdb link it should work. So for Kim 1950 searching for tt0042644 in either the live version or beta works fine and finds you

@Marijn: I think the search parser for full imdb links isn’t working right in the beta. In the live version if I enter the full link ( in the search bar it works fine, but in the beta it doesn’t seem to parse them as imdb links and displays a seemingly random list of movies. (it must be matching something with the string since I get the same result no matter what imdb number I put in)

Thank you. That worked.