Problem with adding films by IMDb link


I am attempting to add 220 films/shorts/TV shows to a new list. I copied all 220 IMDb links into the appropriate area. I started processing and it notified me that some of my films/shorts/TV shows had been added to the queue to be added to the database. At this point, my new list contains no movies and all 220 that I tried to add have been put into the import queue, this includes films like Rocky and The Omen. I receive 220 notifications that my films have been added to the database. I return twice over the next two days to create my new list, but the entire process repeats itself with no progress.


Welcome to the 220 notifications club! I’ve gotten 18 more though, and my list did eat the links a few hours later. Guess I got lucky.


Thanks for the reply. What I’ve gleaned from your response is that this is a known problem. I’m hopeful that smart people are working to fix the problem and that if I’m patient, I’ll eventually be able to create my list.


It’s a recent problem, I’m not sure if @Marijn is working on it yet. From your post I gather there are two issues:

  1. When you paste imdb links and one of the films is not in the db, instead of adding only the missing film(s) to the queue it adds all of them, then processes all of them and sends you individual messages for all of them.

  2. Even after time has elapsed and the new movies are in the db and are searchable, the list processing page still gives the same error.

I’ve noticed the second thing, had not realized the first, but I have those messages turned off so that might be why.


Yes. I think you’ve captured what’s happening to my list-making clearly.


I’ll take a look first thing next week.


Do you have a list of IMDb IDs I can use to test this?


Here are the 221 IMDb entries for my 1976 viewing project. It’s possible that I tried to submit these IDs with ‘/releaseinfo’ tacked into the end.