Question about Ranking

First time post. Been an active member for over 10 years, but just now paying attention to my “rank” on the site. I was under the assumption that watching a film on multiple lists would increase my top list ranking more so than let’s say a film on only one official list. Lately I’ve watched several films featured on many official lists, but my ranking has barely moved. Am I thinking about this wrong? I apologize if there is an explanation of this elsewhere, but if someone could explain this to me or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Hi cinephile985. Welcome :slight_smile:

This is explained in the site FAQ.

Why is my number of checks in the top users list different from my checks count?

Actually, there are two different check counts:

  1. Your total amount of checks.
  2. Your amount of checks of movies currently in at least one top list. This amount is always less than or equal to the first count.

For the top users chart, only the second count is taken into consideration. Therefore, to rise in the charts requires you to go see movies that are in at least one top list at the moment. Please note that sometimes movies you have checked disappear from a top list, thereby lowering your second check count but not your first. Should the movie re-appear in a top list (not necessarily the same one), check count #2 will be incremented again.

How is my rank calculated?

Your rank is calculated based on the percentage of movies currently in at least one top list you have seen.

Thus, whether a film is on 10 top lists or 1, it only counts as a single film for the Top Users Chart. Watching films on multiple lists will help you climb the rankings faster on those individual lists, but won’t help you climb up the overall rankings any faster. :slight_smile:

Thank you