Radical ticking suggestions?

I was wondering, in light of some current ticking…
I feel sorry for people who have to spend hours simply going click, find the next page, click. It must take ages.
May I suggest any, or all of the following.

  • Groups can simply have a ‘Seen them all, instant platinum please!’ The said group is filled with check ticks, as they were aiming to do, but with less work!
  • ‘I wish to be at no. X’ Simply type in the position you wish to be, in either a group, or the whole board, and bingo! There you are, at No1!
  • A consequence of this… we create a ‘Premier league’ for certain major tickers… They can all go in a separate table, all those who have seen every missing silent film, every obscure (but undoubtedly worthy) Asian film, every experimental B&W film that is only available in the library of some US university vaults…
  • The ‘look at me!’ function. Perhaps for a fee, someone can have a flashing header on the page, saying, Look! I’ve ticked over 1,000 films in the last two days!

Think of the time some people could save, that they could, possibly, maybe, use to, … ohhh … I don’t know, maybe … watch a film?

With the added advantage of making the admin overseers life a bit easier…