Redirecting to the (incomplete) beta

Whenever I try to click the director link, the site is redirecting to the beta.

I also get the beta when I go to my watchlist. Only on my Android tablet though, from my computer I get the “old” site. Chrome browsers, same LAN.

@marijn Is this intentional?
This happens to me as well, both with the directors and when I click the All Movies link as well.

Yes, this is intentional. The /movies/ page redirects to the beta today. I’ll change it back tomorrow.

In the next months I’ll be redirecting different pages to the beta. That’s the only way for people to get used to the new design and hopefully less questions and complaints for me when we go live with it. I’m just fishing for more feedback :fishing_pole_and_fish:


OK, that’s a good idea. I’ve actually started using the beta site a bit more lately to see the differences. The director redirect doesn’t work correctly because tags were changed to filters, so perhaps reparsing the url for the redirect would be a good idea. I don’t know if anything else changed format in the beta but that’s something to keep in mind.

I just fixed the redirect, so it should be ok now.

Yup. Looks good :+1: The director pages are really an improvement in the beta.

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Not sure if this is the proper place to make this request, but even after you finally transition over to the beta site, could you please please please allow users to continue viewing in “Classic Mode”? I love the current, more minimal aesthetic we’ve been used to, and even if it means an absence of certain features, I’d rather continue viewing my lists in that format. The beta version, with its bright colour scheme and “popular this week” sidebars and such, just feels too commercial rather than purely data-driven.


Also, not sure if I’m just unable to find the controls for it, but on the beta version of my movie watchlist, I no longer seem to be able to drag or change the position of my titles.

One reason why we’re currently redirecting pages to the new layout is for users to get used to it, so it won’t be a big bang when we go live. Another one is to collect feedback. The amount of feedback on the beta has not been very much, so we hope we’ll get some more this way.

We will not offer the classic layout after we’ve gone live with the new one. It’s just too much to maintain, sorry.

You’re right. Forgot about that one :grin:. We’ll add it later on.

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I don’t mind about the redirecting, but in some cases, it doesn’t go right. Director-tags don’t exist anymore in iCM3.0. When I am on a movie-page in 2.0 and I click on the name of the director it redirects me to the beta, but I don’t get the filmography of that director. Instead I see all movies sorted by favorites.

Should be fine now :smiley:

Yes, working. :wink:

The same can be said about the list of favorite movies. I keep my favorites in a ranked order and rewatch them on a daily basis. So after rewatching I rerank each movie. Now I’m not able to.
After you’ve added that feature for both the watchlist and de favorites-list, will it be possible to move a movie to a different page? In 2.0 the fav-list is just a long list, so I’m able to drag and drop from anywhere to anywhere.

Yup, I know. Forgot about that. It will be added soon. For now, I’ve removed the redirect on these pages.

When viewing the IMBD 250 list in beta, the comments can only be sorted by date added. Can the “by votes” option be added too?

Yup. We’ll add that. Thanks for reporting!