Remove missing film from More Noirs list

So this is partially a selfish suggestion, so I can attain a Platinum on the More Noirs list. There is one film, Fugitive Lady (1934), that is not available anywhere, including all of the usual places.

I reached out to Bill at TSPDT and he said that Fugitive Lady will not be on the new TSPDT 1000 Noirs list.

Since we plan (or at least discussed to plan, or planned to discuss) to replace the existing More Noirs with the new TSPDT 1000 Noirs when completed, I’d like to remove Fugitive Lady from the current list.

What do you say, fellow mods?

I’m generally in the “don’t remove films from lists” camp, but if it’s not going to be in the new list then, ehh I don’t really mind if others agree.

Just wait for the new list. I don’t see the point in removing it now. If we remove this title, we could just as well remove lots of other titles from other lists as well.

Anything to stop WalterNeff from getting yet another platinum! :smiling_imp:

Cut just one film? If it’s going to be an official list, you should cut about 500 of 'em.