Rename "Top 250 to IMDb Top 250" and other IMDb lists?

I’d prefer to list the “Top 250” as “IMDb Top 250”, “Sci-Fi” to “IMDb Top Sci-Fi” etc. Anyone else feel the same? This would also have the benefit of grouping them all together when you have look on the “All” Lists Progress page.


Great idea, if you’d ask me.

Yeah, I agree. Would be a good idea to put “IMDb’s” in front of every title.

@Marijn: What needs to be done to change the names? I could update them, but which things will get broken this way? Do you need to prepare things, if we want to change this?

I need to take a closer look, but I think there shouldn’t be any problems if you rename the lists.

I’ll get back to you on that :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the Sci-fi list name to IMDb’s Top Sci-fi. Lets see what this does.

It does break all links to the Sci-fi list from outside the website, but the rest seems to work.


I’ll add a rewrite rule so the old links still work

Let us know when it’s ready and then I’ll change all IMDb lists.

What will be the new naming for the decade lists?

IMDb’s Top 2010s looks a bit strange to me.

Oh you can rename the genre lists and the top 250 already. The redirect will be added after that.

“IMDb’s Top Movies from the 2010s”
Something like that? Maybe a bit too long?
PA, help. You’re better at this and a native English speaker.

I would go with IMDb’s 2010s Top 50
I’d also append Top 50 to the genre lists
IMDb’s Sci-Fi Top 50, etc.

If I were writing it in a sentence I’d write IMDb’s Top 50 of the 2010s but that’s overly wordy for a list title.

I have renamed them all in the way PA suggested above. Except for Top 250, which simply became “IMDb’s Top 250” of course.

I also removed “TV” from the name of “TV Mini-series”, because TV doesn’t fit nowadays. Mini-series can be released on other platforms as well. So that list is now called “IMDb’s Mini-series Top 50”.

Here are all the old names and urls and all the new names and urls.

I’ve added the redirects using your xls. Should all be ok. If not, let me know.

Name of Best Foreign Language award has been changed by the Oscars :grinning: