Search field not clearing

Normally, when I click in the Search field, the text “Search iCheckMovies” disappears automatically and the field is blank. As of an hour ago, the text remains and I need to clear it every time I want to search a title. This has appeared simultaneously (I think) with another bug/odd behavior that I’ll report separately.

Additional search field problem - As I type in the field, it no longer populates with suggested matches. It seems that, in general. quite a number of the small bits of functionality have suddenly disappeared.

@Marijn: We’re noticing a number of issues with v2 in N America during the evening hours. Can’t check, can’t fav/dislike, the hover over menu for our username doesn’t popup.

Beta site is fine.

Knalds reported some issues with javascript not executing but couldn’t tell why.

Start reading here on the unofficial forum

Problem should be solved. You might need to hit ctrl+F5 first.

Problems are gone. Thanks all for being quick and responsive. There’s a smart, diligent team at work here.