"Shorts" List - To Make A Companion List?

A while back I achieved Platinum on the Shorts List - I know that it is hard to keep it on this list as it keeps changing. It got me wondering as to whether there should be a companion list of all the shorts that have made it into the shorts list - because there have been some great films that have been in and gone out, and that keeps happening in this list and I really do think people might be missing out on some excellent, recent shorts as they are there for a while and then gone…

Or if not a companion list, then instead of continually updating the shorts list to just the top 50 of IMDb, make it an evolving long-list of all those shorts…


If they are recent shorts that go in and fall out then its usually because their rating has fallen on imdb, which means more people have seen them and disagree that they’re so great. I don’t really think “shorts that were once in the top 50 imdb shorts” is a compelling list, especially not as an official list.

Then again, I’m also not sure what shorts you’re referring to. There are 14 shorts since 2010 which are eligible for the list and have a rating over 7.5 on imdb. 10 are on the list and one was never on the list. That’s 3 recent shorts that were on it and dropped out. 3 others are near the bottom and may drop off soon, the rest seem pretty safe. The list doesn’t seem to have significantly more movement than the other imdb lists, and to the extent that it does it’s because people are watching them and rating them on imdb.

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