Silver Award vanished into thin air...?

Okay, I’ve got a weird one here.

When the new lists were recently adapted I received a Silver Award for the BIFF Asian Cinema 100. I had 89/115 checks (77.3%) on the list, so that’s how it should be.

Earlier today I checked another movie on the list and am now at 90/115 checks. Shortly after that I received an automated email from iCM: Awards update.

Hi Knaldskalle,

Your awards have been updated.


BIFF’s Asian Cinema 100 (silver)

The ‘Asian Cinema 100’ is a collaboration project with the Busan International Film Festival and the Busan Cinema Center to shed light on the values of Asian film. The list will be updated every 5 years to act as a guide for the aesthetic value…

Go check out all your awards.


The iCheckMovies team

That’s odd because I shouldn’t have lost anything. The list is static and any new check should get me closer to the next award, not cause me to lose an award.

But it gets better!

I went to check that I truly had lost the Silver Award and I have. It’s gone. I then went to check the Bronze Award that should arguably have replaced the Silver Award - and there isn’t any.

According to iCM, I well and truly lost my Silver Award, despite having now seen more than 78% of the list.

I’ve checked other users around me (with 89 or 90 checks on the list) and they all have their Silver Award. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure this is a bug in the system.

I don’t know if it’s related to how the “closest award” thing is calculated on the progress page. That bit says that I have 25 checks until Platinum (correct), 38 checks until Gold (incorrect), 64 checks until Silver (incorrect) and 140 checks until Bronze (incorrect). This is off for all three new lists, by the way.

…Aaaaand it’s back 3 days later! No idea what’s going on. Hopefully a bugfix did it!

Definitely not fixed, I have the same issue with the TIFF list.

@Marijn Two more users have reported this on the other forum, for both the TIFF and the BIFF lists, so it appears to be something with the recently adopted lists.

My best guess is that it’s also related to this issue: Awards on newest lists

Should be fixed when you check a movie from one of the lists or after the next award run.

Okay, thanks Marijn.