Site pages down

You have parts of your site down for days now. Searches cannot be performed on your site. This also breaks the ability to add new movies to my list. I added a new movie from IMDb to the site and it says it’s been added because if I try again it says it’s found here, but I cannot find that movie. When I try to add the movie to my list it says it doesn’t exist. Even if I search by the IMDb title ID, it can’t be found (tt12286434) to add to my list.

OK, a few things.

  1. Yes, you’re right search is broken. I’ve let @Marijn know to check on it.
  2. There was a planned 2 hour outage last night. Is there anything else that is, or has been, down besides search outside of that 2 hour window?
  3. The movie is on ICM Just Beyond (2021) -
    You can add it to a list by clicking the "By IMDb movie URL(s): tab in the list edit screen and pasting the imdb link there.

Hopefully search is fixed soon.

Search has been fixed. Let us know if you find anything else that is not working correctly.

Thanks for the workaround of adding the IMDb URL, because I still cannot search for the movie title of “Just beyond” and can’t find it by searching for “tt12286434”. Even using the main search box at the top of the site, in the first 1000 results, none of them are the newly imported TV show called “just beyond”. It also does not have an alternate title. Do we know why it can’t be found? I’m going to assume that the main site search is using cached results to look at instead of new data including my import.

Yes, newly imported movies take a bit to show up in search as they need to be indexed, usually that doesn’t take too long, a couple of hours at most in my experience. There might be some issues here due to the search bug that was fixed. I’d give it a bit of time to see.

A workaround for this if you don’t want to wait for the cache to catch up, is to update your list by imdb URLs. That will add the film to the list right away.

What I do after importing a new film is click back in my browser, and import the film again. It will then tell me that the film is already imported, and provide a link to the newly imported film on icm. If it doesn’t show up, it means there’s something broken with the import tool, or the queue is backlogged.