Site Timing Out Before I Can Check

I’ve had a problem for awhile where I need to reload a page about 4 times before it will let me check a movie. If I leave the page open too long (more than 30 mins.?) I’ll need to reload the page again.

Now, it’s not letting me check a film. I reload the page again and again and I can’t. Most users won’t have the patience to keep reloading the page. Is there something wrong with either the code? or?

I cleared the cache. Still wasn’t working, but it seems to be working now.

I had same issue.

Sometimes, I opened the movie page then checked.

It makes me annoying.

Ah, I’m not the only one then. A very common problem, I cannot tick a film I’ve just seen. I can often ‘cure’ the issue by going to the ‘other lists that contain…’ page (the non official lists), and clicking there will often let me claim the tick - but not always.
This weekend seemed particularly difficult, when nothing would let me lick about 3 of 4 films…
As issues go, not a huge problem, mildly irritating perhaps, but glad to see it’s not just me

Me too. When I load a page, I often cannot check the movie until I refresh the page another time or 2.

I am in software testing so I tried to QA the problem…
I thought it was if I leave a page open too long, or if I go to other browser tabs and come back or if I scroll and mouse-over other things on the page that might break it, but I can never find something that consistently breaks it.

Really annoying and sporadic.

Same with removing it from your watchlist. This glitch has been around forever, only on the movie’s own page though that I’ve noticed. No rhyme or reason as to why, sometimes it does it when you first load the page, sometimes it doesn’t. I do know that if you are on a page for “too long” it basically freezes it. In addition to reloading or going to a list another option is when you are searching for the title click on the magnifying glass instead of the exact title. I can usually un-watchlist and check the movie from the list of similar titles.