Spam Busting

Okay, haven’t seen this as a topic elsewhere though clearly people have reported spammers on iCM elsewhere. Anyway, here’s a thread just for spam reports and a huge thank you to those who find and report and especially to those who remove spam from iCM. Thank you!

luckypenguin’s comment is spam

The comment has been removed.

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This profile is a gambling ad disguised:


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Links to gambling sites placed in the following profile description and website :

I can’t say if the whole profile is bogus or if it is a legit profile that’s been hijacked (stolen credentials).

Hmm, tough call, as the user has checks as well, so it’s not a completely blank profile. I’d just edit out the links and leave everything else, but mods can’t edit user descriptions. The likelihood is that it’s an entirely bogus profile, though.

What do the other mods think?

It’s spam. Some spam accounts check a handful of movies.

I suppose it’s possible it was a once legitimate account that got hacked, but there’s not much left to salvage in that case so best to delete anyway.


got it, thanks

Writing with Fire (2021)'s comments - the account Hankins91's profile - also has zero checks and only posted this spam

done, thanks

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Disguised advertising :

Account removed; thanks.

Another one :

Account removed, thanks.

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Three more :

Another one :

I’m afraid some digital marketing agency added ICM to their list of sites to abuse for SEO tactics… :confused:

All removed. There are a lot of similar profiles like this on icm, unfortunately. We go through recently joined accounts and remove them, but short of manually reviewing every single user nothing seems to be stopping them so far. We do remove them in batches, though, focusing more on the ones that spam the site in the comments.

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Removed. :+1: