Stationary movie adding queue

There seems to be a problem with the movie adding queue.

Seems to be working for me.

What are you trying to add?

Actually it seems there’s a different problem with the movie adding system. When you add a film, it won’t be visible via search, and the director links won’t work properly.

You were absolutely right. I’ve just fixed 2 issues:

  • search indexer sometimes failed to update
  • when adding or updating movies, the director name used in the url was incorrect and the filters wouldn’t work

As a result of the second bug above, a lot of directors with incorrect names have been added to the database. I’m still in the process of removing them.

Thanks for reporting this issue! :smiley:

There still seem to be problems with the queue:

There are now 142 films to be added (although that includes a few incorrectly formatted ones), with the earliest submitted on the 22nd of December.

On further investigation, it seems that movies added using the movie import form add correctly, but when using the edit list form “By IMDb movie URL(s)”, any films that are not found and get automatically added to the queue will just get stuck there.

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere! I forgot about that. I’ll fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hi Marijn,
This seemed to be fixed soon after you last posted, and the queue all got processed, but now it seems to have got stuck again. There are currently 213 movies waiting in the queue since the 9th January:

Still unfixed.

Everything just imported successfully, but it seems to have revealed another problem: the movies I imported all got checked by my profile when they imported. I’m sure I didn’t check the box that does this. I just unchecked them all so it’s not a big problem.

Thanks for fixing the queue.