Suddenly unable to check/uncheck movies

At some point over the last few hours, I’ve apparently lost the ability to check, uncheck, favorite, unfavorite (etc.) movies.

I’ve logged out and back in, disabled extensions, cleared cache & cookies, tried multiple browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari), even tried doing it on my phone. I’ve also tried on the original and beta versions of the site. Nothing happens when I click on any of the icons in that row.

Any suggestions?

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What’s going on with iCM? I was unable to check anything. Also can’t remove an item from watchlist. I’ve tried different browsers, logged out then in, cleared cookies and cache before logging out/in again, restarted browser and no change. Still can’t check anything.

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Just made a thread about the same problem, so you’re not alone.

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Hate creating a duplicate post! LOL I searched the threads but decided a new topic would be best. Clearly we were both posting at the same time.

Anyway, let’s hope @Marijn is around. If so, a fix shouldn’t take too long.

Just noticed I posted about 1:30am CEST, so help is probably a few hours away.

Thanks for flagging. Will have to wait for @Marijn to look into this one, sorry.

Edit: Updating info for a film in Beta still works, so it’s a separate mechanism from checking and watchlisting and favoriting.

Edit 2: But deleting comments doesn’t work.


Sorry guys, something broke.

The fix has been deployed and everything should be ok now. Let me know if it’s not


Yes, we’re all good. Thanks @Marijn!

Yup, it works perfectly again. Thanks @Marijn !

Hmmm, actually, it seems that my awards aren’t being updated. I re-platinumed the TSZDT list yesterday and still only have a gold today. Awards used to be updated nearly instantaneously… (As a test, I’ve also checked enough movies in another list to get a new award and that didn’t work either.)

Should I make a new thread for this, or do you think it’s related, @Marijn ?

Updates have been delayed due yesterday’s issues. They’ll get processed soon

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Okay, great! Thanks as always for everything you do here. :heart:

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