Sullivan's Travels (1941) on 1930s List?

Sullivan’s Travels is showing up as a new addition to the IMDb’s 1930s Top 50 list, despite being from 1941. I assume it was previously on the 1940s list, based on its rating.

That’s weird. The sourcepage is an advanced search on IMDb with years 1930 to 1939 and Sullivan is still 1941 on IMDb. @PeacefulAnarchy: Can you figure out what’s going wrong?

Yeah, I noticed that yesterday with the new updates. I checked it out and someone changed something on IMDb. I tried to edit the year but it wouldn’t let me. Release dates are all correct as well, so not sure what triggered the change. Hopefully IMDb will fix it soon. Maybe posting on get satisfaction will work.

Edit: oh, it’s already back to 1941 on IMDb? Then it should be fixed in the next icm update.

Edit 2: to be clear the issue was on IMDb, not icm. :blush: