This site can't be reached

I’ve been getting this message since yesterday on title searches. With patience and a refresh or two, I eventually make it to where I intended.

Is it just me or are there problems on the site?

I haven’t had this issue, but someone I was talking with yesterday mentioned getting 404s when browsing the site. My, non official non technical, guess is that the site’s database is going a bit slow and depending on how all the connections along the way go and when you’re accessing it and what you’re doing sometimes it times out for people.

I don’t know much about the technical side of the site so I can’t say what it would take to fix it. I do know these kinds of issues have popped up in the past and then been resolved.

It’s been erratic. Sometimes results pop right up. Sometimes it times out a couple of times before it returns results.

For me, this is a very common occurrence… I’m afraid iCM seems to be the most ‘fragile’ site I visit … It sometimes (seems to) take down the rest of my connections…

I’ve seen the issue with basic pages for a single movie taking 30 seconds to load earlier today, or just getting the message from my browser that “this site can’t be reached” and it just gave up trying to wait for it to load. I confirmed it wasn’t my wifi nor cell tower by trying multiple ways to connect.

It’s happening again right now. For the last 10 mins I can’t load one movie page to check it off, and it took me 4 tries to just load this forum to post about this again.

The site has been awful the last two days for me. Completely unreachable much of the time and just now managed to get it to show the page for the movie I was going to check. Only been a member for three years but haven’t experienced it as bad as it is now. Hopefully it is on it’s way back to better times :slight_smile:

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Thanks benhere, few_visible_scars, wilyhawk and Spaghetti_Hero for reporting this problem. I have notified @Marijn to look into it.

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The site is largely working again, but I have been unable to add new films to ICM for two days.

Had the same problem still yesterday, but it seems to be working again.

Problems were caused by a broken firewall, which has been fixed, but some problems took a little longer to start working properly again.

Everything seems to be up to speed again. In fact, maybe a little faster than before. Thanks all.