Too Many Long (300+ minute) Movies

How are there 1500 movies that are 300+ minutes (over 5 hours) in runtime?

Wikipedia lists only 57 cinematic films that over 300 minutes in length.

I’d be happy to help clean up the errant films.

ICM (and IMDb) includes TV-series and film serials (plus TV Miniseries) so its entirely possible that both are correct. “War and Remembrance,” for instance, is listed on the first page on ICM, but is not listed on that Wikipedia page. Neither is the film serial “The Hazards of Helen” which apparently ran for 119 episodes.

I did a cursory check of runtimes and didn’t find anything that didn’t match IMDb.

TV series are supposed to be listed by normal episode length on imdb, but you’re right about mini-series which are listed by full runtime on Imdb, and thus on ICM, they’re the bulk of these super long entries…

merlinpatt: if you find any where the runtimes don’t match imdb let us know and we’ll fix it.

Edit: There are some mistakes in there, some mini series episodes are marked with the runtime of the whole miniseries. I’ll go through and fix the ones I find.

2 hours later I’ve gone through everything with a listed runtime over 300 min. I’ve removed a couple dozen duplicates, fixed countless runtimes, and I have a list of two dozen series that need to have episode runtimes fixed on imdb. I got to page 27 if anyone cares.

That said, most of those are, as noted before, mini-series.