Top lists update identical

The last 6 updates for the top lists have been identical. Any reason why they’re not changing?

Ok, maybe not quite identical but not a lot of change between them

Genre and decade lists haven’t been updated for a while. Therefor you keep getting the same message. The differences are in the top 250 which keeps updating.

It has to do with changes in the layout of the IMDb-searchresults. Marijn knows about it, but haven’t got around to fixing it.

Thanks for that, thought it was a bit odd that it was only the top 250 which I was getting updates for.

Ah, I’m not crazy! I thought something was broken with my account

I don’t even get these messages

You’re not alone. I’m a moderator and even I don’t get them. :wink:

I get them. And I’m STILL getting them. It’s been over a dozen in a row now all virtually identical. Would be great if this could get fixed. I do appreciate how much work running ICM must be but I was hoping that this would be addressed by now.

Ditto. Would be great to see if any other lists are changing.

You can see all past updates here:

Thank you! How do I find this from the home page in the future?

There’s not an easy way, unfortunately. It’s the activity feed for the icheckmovies account, so you have to get to the profile. I just go to any user profile, replace the username with icheckmovies in the url and then click the activity feed. I seem to recall it being possible to get there by browsing but I can’t remember how.

Sounds good. Do you know if any work is being done to provide this information via messages in the future?

I think Marijn has been talking about the option to “follow” a list so you’ll get a notification when it updates. It’s one of the plans for iCM3.0. I don’t know the status of that plan.