Trouble adding title


I’ve tried adding this movie several times:

I then get this message:

Hi MovieDearest,

The movies you’ve added to our import queue were successfully processed.


The iCheckMovies team<

Note that the title does not show up in the message as it usually does, after “The movies you’ve added to our import queue were successfully processed.”

The title doesn’t show up in search even after waiting awhile for an update to go through.


Isn’t this the reason it shouldn’t be added?


It might be a reason it shouldn’t be added, but, at least in the past, such films have been added. I don’t recall, was a change made to the import algorithm to prevent preproduction films being added?


I’m sure I’ve added titles in preproduction before but maybe it’s on IMDb’s end. Sometime recently they have limited the information for films in preproduction, you can’t even look to see who the production company is unless you’re in Pro. No big deal, it can wait.


Well now the same thing is happening with this title:


I’ve tried to add these 2 movies but never able to add.



First one is on iCM:

Second one should be rejected (pun intented) if you ask me. Status = “filming”.