TV Series Official List Suggestions


Any idea of making an official list for some TV Series? I’d really love that, there are just a few in official lists of iCM and I think they deserve more than that (hahaha).
I just published this because I want you to think about this, I can’t really do much more than this post, so that’s why I’m just telling you guys this… I hardly understand all this website in english, I’m chilean :confused: and I have hope on those who can make official lists, updates, something like that :grimacing:
Please think about that! :slight_smile:
PS: I don’t like that iCheckMovies has every chapter of every TV Show, just having the complete series in one page is enough.


I totally agree on those things! :smiley:


Your English seems fine. We have considered it, but we felt it wouldn’t fit well within the scope of the site. The TV series which are official checks are ones which have been included in movie lists, and therefore judged as movies rather than Series, and the Mini-Series list which is a very different type of TV series. Mini series are self contained and created with an end in place, in a way that TV series are not. They have a different scope and style. There is also the question of what constitutes a check. With a movie there can be some grey area with incomplete films or different cuts, but in general you watch the whole thing and you check it. With TV series is it ok to check after one episode? One Season? This might seem like a silly worry and it’s not a dealbreaker, but it highlights how series are different than movies.

That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t reconsider if we felt it was something the majority of the users wanted, just that at the moment it’s not likely.


Thank you for the decision., which I, for one, am happy with. If someone wants to start a ‘I check TV’, then fine, please do so…but this is (primarily) for film.


Use TVShow Time along with icm. TVST for every episode check, icm for a title check.


I completely agree. I avoid checking off TV shows that I have watched because my profile statistics would be completely disorganized if I did. I’d rather have TV shows be counted as a separate entity within the site.